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Pharmalego intermediates e-commerce platform launched; We have what scientific researchers are struggling to find

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E3 Ligase-CRBN、E3 Ligase-VHL、PROTAC linker……
Common building blocks in literature,
In reality, it's hard to find one!
Are you also searching for this?


PROTAC Building Blocks

PharmlegoTM has developed more than 600 types of Linker and E3 ligase ligand building blocks, covering common long carbon chains, ethylene glycol long chains, spiroheterocyclic chains, CRBN, VHL, cIAP and MDM2 ligands and other chemical structures.

○E3 Ligase-CRBN>100
○E3 Ligase-VHL>100
○E3 Ligase-others >50
○PROTAC linker>1000
*If we cannot meet your needs, we can also customize it for you.

Sugar unit intermediates, base intermediates, delivery systems...
It is an intermediate that is obviously not difficult to synthesize.
But, it just takes a lot of time to synthesize!
Are you also doing this for 996 and 007?

Nucleic Acid Drugs.webp

Nucleic Acid Drugs

PharmalegoTM can efficiently and quickly provide customization and research and development services for monomers and delivery systems.  At present, we have more than 300 synthetic building blocks, which can modify and transform the ribose, base, and phosphate backbone of the monomers, as well as the delivery system, including the modification and transformation of GalNAc and LNP.

○Sugar modification>100 kinds of sugar unit intermediates
○Base modification>50 kinds of base intermediates
○Backbone modification, Rich experience in backbone modification chemistry
○Delivery system 1500+LNP, 30*GalNAc synthesis experience

*If we cannot meet your needs, we can also customize it for you.

ADC linkers、Toxins、Payloads……
Even if there is an intermediate missing,
It’s like cooking without rice!
Are you also feeling helpless?



PharmalegoTM has R&D laboratories and highly active drug production capabilities.  The scientific research team has professional and rich chemical modification technology and capabilities.  In-house toxins and linkers can meet customers' research and development needs from milligram to kilogram levels, and provide full-process services from drug development to preclinical CMC production.

300+ADC Linkers
50+ Toxins
30+ Payloads

Calendula: MMAE; MMAF
Maytansinoids: DM1; DM4
Pyrrobenzazepines and chlorobenzazepines: PBD
Camptothecins: DX; SD38

*If we cannot meet your needs, we can also customize it for you.

Benzene ring intermediates, pyridine intermediates, deuterated intermediates, pyrimidine intermediates...
Isn’t it time to use intermediates?
Research and development is difficult unless you have experienced it yourself!
Do you often start from scratch?


PharmalegoTM's pharmaceutical intermediate products cover a wide range of categories.  Including benzene ring intermediates, pyrimidine intermediates, pyridine intermediates and various heterocyclic intermediates, we provide clients with high-quality and high-purity intermediates to shorten the time to obtain target products and meet the different needs of clients.

Benzene Ring Intermediates, Aniline, Phenol, Benzaldehyde, Phenyl ether, phenylboronic acid, benzoyl, acetophenone, biphenyl...
Pyridine intermediates Aminopyridine Halopyridine Boric acid pyridine Hydroxypyridine Cyanopyridine Acylpyridine...
Deuterated Intermediates, Deuterated Anisole
Pyrimidine Intermediates, Aminopyrimidine, Arylamine Pyrimidine, Arylpyrimidine, Arylhydroxypyrimidine, Halopyrimidine, Hydroxypyrimidine...
Heterocyclic Intermediates, Benzopyrroles, Benzopyrans, Benzopyrazoles, Benzoxazines, Benzoxazoles...
Other, NA, Amino Acids, Naphthenes, Kinase Inhibitor, Spiro Ring, Bridge Ring, Alkynes, Alkylamine, Alkyl Acid, Alkenes...
*If we cannot meet your needs, we can also customize it for you.

High-End = Noble = High Price?
Are customized intermediates out of reach?
Fight for price, but also fight for quality?
Fight for purity, but also fight for safety?
Fight for buying, but also fight for customization?
Fight for after sales, but also fight for logistics?
Fight for research, but also fight for consultation?

PharmalegoTM Intermediate E-commerce Platform

Collection of synthetic biology technology service platform, analysis technology service platform, salt form and crystal form technology service platform, PROTAC R&D service platform, siRNA/ASO synthesis technology, ADC R&D service platform, electrochemistry technology service platform, photochemical technology service platform, continuous flow process technology service platform and other service platforms, Medicilon committed to cutting-edge, efficient, green and sustainable synthesis, from high-end intermediates to unique customization, and the entire process supports the research and development of new drugs.

Easy to Use, multiple compound search methods, logistics information can be traced
Multiple Guarantees, QA/QC quality control, guaranteed quality and guaranteed after-sales service
People-Oriented, multiple online consultation and feedback service channels
Flexible Form, online order purchasing, customization and synthesis
Everything you want is available here →

The birth of every new drug embodies the hard work and wisdom of countless scientific researchers.

From a one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform, to Medicilon Academician Innovative Drug Maturation Center and New Drug Ecological Assistance Platform, to building a pharmaceutical network (PharmalegoTM), Medicilon is willing to help you overcome the obstacles on the journey of new drug research and development.  Medicilon let you forge ahead on the road of research and development, ride the wind and waves, and bravely climb to the pinnacle of innovation!

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