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Lockdown But Not Stop - Medicilon Researchers Continue to Fight

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On the evening of March 27, Shanghai Pudong issued a strict lockdown order across the district.  When people were rushing home or shopping for the lockdown, there was a group of people that chose to go the opposite way. They chose to stay in the lab and continue working and researching, just to ensure the progress of the on-going R&D projects.
They are the Medicilon researchers.

Stick to the Position
R & D Services Do Not Stop

Medicilon is deeply aware of its responsibilities  toemployees, pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions, and even for the entire biopharmaceutical industry chain as an integrated prclinial R&D facility.  In order to carry out the trials related to key projects and emergency projects smoothly, Medicilon’s researchers chose to spend the lockdown period in the company, arranged work and life in an orderly manner, and minimized the impact of the epidemic on R&D work.
Among those who took the initiative to stay in the company, there were  newcomers who have just graduated, mothers of young children, and senior scientific research who are over forty years old. What made them to pick this decision? How was  life in isolation in the company? How did they relieve the anxiety and stress of being in a work environment day and night? How did they feel? What did  they say to their family and coworkers who were quarantined at home? When the lockdown was over, what would they like to do the most?
Let's walk into the lockdown life of the Medicilon researchers and listen to their voices:
Medicilon researchers
Looking forward to meeting on the street, on the beach
After the epidemic is over, I will take a week off and have a self-driving tour
Thanks to everyone in the company
Let's work hard together
Unite and overcome difficulties together
Responsibility is always in times of crisis
Take care of our body, exercise more, and stay happy
Under the epidemic, no one can survive alone
The company has strong organization
We can play cards and chat after get off the work
For the pressure of lockdown, I have no choice but resist!
We don't have to think about eating and drinking
Project progress cannot be stagnant
We all have what we need, camp bed, blanket,
toothbrush, slippers, facial cleanser, shampoo
We now save the commute time and get more sleep
We can have a hot meal every day
The company starts to provide breakfast around 6am

Comprehensive Control
Guarding Shanghai without Slackening

If the Medicilon researcher were warriors, then the back office would be  their solid fortress and backing. The administration department took charge of the overall management. They assorted resources reasonably and kept everything in orderThe EHS Department of Medicilon kept the most updated information of the epidemic situation at any time, and had compiled an emergency response plan for the epidemic, disinfected public areas, carried out the safety contral in key areas and paid attention to the psychological counseling of isolated employees.  The Purchasing Department purchased epidemic prevention materials and supplies in the early stage of the epidemic, such as tents, camp beds, blankets and sleeping bags, for overnight employees.  The HR Department organized live courses for the employees.
Accurate and effective epidemic prevention measures have built a fortress of epidemic prevention and ensured the health and safety of every isolated employee of Medicilon under the epidemic situation.  The efficient R&D promotes the test process and ensure the efficient and high-quality development of R&D tests.
It is them who protect life and health with professionalism; it is them who carry out Medicilon's commitment to the clients; it is them who have achieved "to fight the epidemic and guard Shanghai, and have epidemic prevention and R&D" for Medicilon.  Medicilon will continue to "forging ahead for the unfinished business of human health" with practical actions.
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