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Medicilon Helps Accelerate the Research and Development of Innovative Drugs of Qianhong Bio-pharma

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On May 24, 2019, Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma and Shanghai Medicilon agreed on "a class of targeted anti-tumor non-clinical research and registration application work of the new drug QHRD110 reached a cooperation agreement, and the two parties jointly completed the signing of this strategic agreement. In this cooperation, Medicilon will provide an integrated service of preclinical R&D and declaration of a new drug to help Qianhong speed up the R&D process and strive for early results.

Medicilon Helps Accelerate the Research and Development of Innovative Drugs of Qianhong Bio-pharma.webp

Founded in 2004, Shanghai Medicilon is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, providing a one-stop pharmaceutical R&D service platform for global pharmaceutical R&D companies. Medicilon has participated in the completion and helped clients successfully declare nearly 100 registration applications, including China's NMPA, US FDA and Australia's TGA, and is applying for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

This cooperation aims to provide customized research and declaration services for the non-clinical research of QHRD110 through Medicilon's one-stop research and development platform. QHRD110 is an anti-tumor small molecule kinase inhibitor with independent intellectual property rights of the company. It is the company's small molecule drug research and development platform Innosunkang, following the QHRD107 project. Brain glioma and other clinical treatment. It is characterized by targeting the essential driving factors of the cell cycle, blocking the cell cycle of tumor cells and inhibiting tumor proliferation.

At present, CDK kinase inhibitor drugs such as Pfizer’s IBRANCE® (Palbociclib), Novartis’ Kisqali® (Ribociclib) and Eli Lilly’s Verzenio® (Abemaciclib) have been approved for marketing, and QHRD110 is the structural brand-new CDK kinase inhibitor drug has a large safety window, and has shown the characteristics of strong potency and low toxicity in the preliminary animal drug efficacy and toxicology studies, and will provide a new clinical treatment plan.

Through this cooperation, Qianhong will take advantage of Medicilon's service platform to speed up the preclinical R&D and application process of innovative drugs. At the same time, Qianhong's project will also provide Medicilon with continuous high-quality development space and lay a solid foundation for further cooperation and win-win cooperation between the two parties.

Our Preclinical Pharmacokinetics Department has a number of professionals with rich theoretical knowledge and experimental experience for experiment design, experiment implementation, bioanalysis and data analysis. Our Pharmacokinetics Lab has passed the GLP certification by NMPA. Following the guiding principles of ICH, NMPA and FDA. The lab offers in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetic tests according to the needs of our clients and provide them with complete sets of pharmacokinetic evaluation and optimization services. Our acclaimed quality data collection and efficient experiment can meet our clients’ needs from early drug discovery to new drug filing.

Medicilon has a quality management system for drug safety evaluation based on the internationally certified AAALAC quality standard and compliance with international and domestic GLP regulations.
Since 2008, we have continued to meet international standards and completed high-quality GLP safety evaluation services, establishing a long-term brand effect. Medicilon can perform systematic evaluation services covering multiple toxicity endpoints and has internationally recognized pathology studies to support our safety evaluation studies.

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