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Medicilon appointed Dr. Rui Zhang as Senior VP of CMC

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Recently, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Medicilon") appointed Dr. Rui Zhang as Senior Vice President of CMC.

After this appointment, Dr. Zhang will further promote Medicilon to enter the CDMO field, help Medicilon to establish a large-scale production base in line with GMP standards through strategic cooperation, self-construction or merger and acquisition, further improve the crystal research service platform, strengthen the construction of technical platform in the field of small nucleic acid drugs and polypeptide drug preparations, and help Medicilon achieve "CRO+CDMO" two-wheel drive. At the same time, Dr. Zhang will also further promote the business development of Medicilon and help Medicilon to research and develop new drugs.

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Dr. Rui Zhang, Ph.D., University of Victoria, Postdoc at the School of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, has been deeply involved in the field of drug research and development for 15 years. He has led the development of 6 small molecule PCC drugs and successfully pushed several small molecule new drug projects to the clinical stage. He has completed a number of NDA, IND, PLGA excipient applications, has been responsible for a number of new drug CMC work, and developed a number of international and domestic leading process projects. Dr. Rui Zhang has extensive experience in the whole-process development of new drugs, improved new drugs (including high-end complex preparations) and generic drugs, and will help Medicilon to empower all aspects of new drug research and development, including product development, quality research, change control, production and declaration. Dr. Zhang was selected as a talent in Sichuan's "Tianfu Emei Plan", Shandong's "Taishan Industry Leading Talent" and Yantai's "Double Hundred Plan".

Prior to joining Medicilon, Dr. Rui Zhang served as Vice President of Research and Development and head of the Chemical Department at Shandong Luye Pharma Group, where he was responsible for drug discovery, drug development, CMC and the group's chemical R&D department. Prior to this, Dr. Zhang served as Jinan Kanghe Medical Science & Technology Co., LTD., AstaTech-Chengdu, CanAm Bioressearch Inc., and CombiPhos Catalysts Inc.Senior executive, has accumulated rich experience in drug research and development practice and team management.

The Medicilon Process Department is deeply involved in the entire industrial chain system of the R&D, procurement and production, from preclinical small-scale synthesis route optimization, process development and scale-up, process validation, quality research to commercial production.

Pharmaceutical CDMO can provide clients with innovative R&D services including process chemistry, formulation and industrial production. Pharmaceutical CDMO fully integrates and deeply connects all phases of drug R&D, including the preclinical study, the clinical trials and the commercialization.

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