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Medicilon appoints Dr. Hong Wan as Vice President of DMPK and Bioanalysis Department

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Recently, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (stock code: 688202.SH) (Medicilon) announced the appointment of Dr. Hong Wan as Vice President of DMPK and Bioanalysis Department.

Dr. Hong Wan as Vice President of DMPK and Bioanalysis Department
Dr. Hong Wan as Vice President of DMPK and Bioanalysis Department

Dr. Hong Wan, PhD in analytical chemistry from Stockholm University, Sweden, has more than 20 years’ experience in Drug Discovery and CRO. He has extensive experiences in the fields of preclinical ADMET, DMPK, Toxicology and Bioanalysis for both small molecule drugs and large biologics, especially in oncology, immunotherapy, diabetes, CVGI, infectious diseases and central nervous system. He has authored and co-authored more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He was honored Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Karlstad University in Sweden. He is Editorial Board members of ADMET/DMPK, Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology. Dr. Wan is also the member of IAPC (International Association of Physical Chemists) Conference Organizing Committee and Co-chair of the 9th IAPC Conference.

Prior to joining Medicilon, Dr. Wan served as the VP of DMPK and Toxicology of Sironax, the head of DMPK and Toxicology of Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, and the senior management positions of Crown Biosciences Inc (Taicang) and AstraZeneca (Mölndal R&D, Sweden), respectively.  Dr. Wan has considerable experience in preclinical evaluations, and has supported and accomplished dozens of PCC (Preclinical Candidate) and IND filing packages.

Dr. Wan Hong said, “It is an honor to join Medicilon. As China’s leading one-stop pre-clinical research and development platform, Medicilon has a forward-looking strategic layout and strong competitiveness.  In the future, I hope that Medicilon will lead a professional team to quickly and efficiently transform the research and development results of innovative drugs, provide the best support and quality services for global new drug developers, and enable innovative drugs to benefit the patients. “

Dr. Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO of Medicilon, said, “Dr. Wan has extensive experience in preclinical pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis, with innovative R&D thinking and excellent leadership.  It is believed that the joining of Dr. Wan will greatly accelerate the pre-clinical research and development of new drugs, help Medicilon implement its growth strategy in the global market, and empower the next stage of development. “

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