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Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D.

Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

The Medicilon Process Department is deeply involved in the entire industrial chain of R&D, procurement and production, from preclinical small-scale synthesis route optimization, process development and scale-up, process validation, quality research to commercial production.
One-stop API Technology R&D Platform
Preparation CDMO Service Platform

Service Cases


World's First Inhaled Nanobody Drug LQ036

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Assisting the development of the Chinese new anti-influenza drug ADC189 preparation, Medicilon and AnDiCon Bio reached a collaboration

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Medicilon assisted Zhejiang Bolaatu Medical Technology Co., Ltd on PA1010 tablets with implied permission for clinical trials

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  • What are the Main Factors that Affect the Speed of R&D?

    Long lead time for salt structure screening and crystal structure screening

    Analysis method development and optimization is not deep enough, repeated development and optimization

    The ability to find a better API purification method in a short time during process optimization

    Lag in impurity study, methodological validation cannot be carried out quickly

    The impurity coverage of the safety assessment batch is not comprehensive

  • What is the Goal of Process Development?

    The purpose of API manufacturing process development is to establish a commercial manufacturing process that can consistently produce the API of expected quality.

  • Characteristics of an Excellent API Synthesis Process


      Whether the process route adopted can produce the target compound

      Whether the reaction conditions can meet the requirements of the industrial process route for raw materials, equipment, and reaction conditions in the commercial production

      The problem of three wastes can be solved


      Good reproducibility

      Consistency of product quality from batch to batch and meeting the expected quality standards


      Raw materials: readily available

      Selection of solvents and reagents: Preferably low toxicity, under ICH guidelines

      EHS: Environmental protection and labor protection comply with laws and regulations

      Cost: Competitive


Relevant laboratories
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  • Pharmaceutical Research Lab
  • Infrared XRPD
  • Pharmaceutical Research ICP-MS
  • Pharmaceutical Research TOC equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Research analytical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Research-LCMS
  • Pharmaceutical Safety Research