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Key Technical Services for Drug R&D

Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D

Key Technical Services for Drug R&D

Technology plays a critical role in drug development and the R&D value chain by revolutionizing clinical trials and decreasing the failure rate. Medicilon has a series of key technology service platforms for drug R&D, such as cytokine and biomarker detection service platform, Met-ID platform, druggability research platform, and chemical process reaction safety assessment experiment platform, etc.

Cytokine and Biomarker Detection Platform.webp

Cytokine and Biomarker Detection

Medicilon can provide detection services for cytokines and biomarkers for the majority of R&D needs. Its biological analysis department has excellent infrastructure and uses advanced equipment. We use technology platforms such as flow CBA, MSD and Luminex systems, which can detect multiple forms of cytokines and biomarkers.

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Flow Cytometry Technology Platform.webp

Flow Cytometry Technology

Medicilon is committed to providing accurate and reliable test prediction data in the early development stage. Our team has rich experience in experimental operation, streaming method development and data analysis. The platform is equipped with powerful flow cytometers of different brands such as BD and Bio-Rad.

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Metabolite Identification (MetID) Service.webp

Metabolite Identification (MetID) Service

Medicilon’s MetID team is composed of experienced scientists. We provide fast and reliable in vivo and in vitro MetID and reactive metabolite capture services. We also support new drug screening and domestic and IND filings. Since the establishment of the MetID team, Medicilon has successfully completed a large number of different types of research projects for clients, including challenging peptide MetID research.

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Drug Forming Research.webp

Drug Forming Research

Medicilon provides research services for compound druggability evaluation including in-vitro pharmacokinetic research, bioavailability assessment and early safety evaluation research. We assist the selection of candidate compounds with better druggability properties.

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Safety Assessment Lab of Process Chemistry.webp

Safety Assessment Lab of Process Chemistry

In the research and development process of innovative drugs, the chemical process research of drugs plays a pivotal role. During the synthesis process to the scale up process in the laboratory, it is not only about output, but also various errors and risks. Therefore, in the development of innovative drugs, the assessment of the safety of chemical processes and equipment is extremely important.

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Process Department Solid Form Screening.webp

Process Department Solid Form Screening

The solid screening platform of Medicilon process department strictly complies with the registration regulations and regulatory requirements of China NMPA, FDA and other regulatory authorities, studies and controls the solid morphology of drug molecules in API and preparations, and can formulate the optimal screening strategy according to the material characteristics, including but not limited to crystallization method, solvent selection and ion selection.

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Green Chemistry.webp

Green Chemistry

Medicilon has been actively developing new technologies platforms over the years, integrating emerging methods of green chemistry into its services, using currently popular photoredox chemistry, electrochemisty, catalyst screening, continuous reactions, etc., to provide our customers with high-quality economic solutions.

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Flow Sorting Platform.webp

Flow Sorting Platform

Medicilon flow cytometry team has extensive experience in experimental operation, flow sorting method development and data analysis. The platform is equipped with a SONY flow cell sorter, which can enable sorting of up to 6 colors at the same time, and statisfy the special scientific research and sorting needs of clients.

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NanoString nCounter Detection Platform.webp

NanoString nCounter Detection Platform

NanoString technology has been widely applied to the frontier fields of biopharmaceutical, including the validation of high-throughput gene expression results, gene expression profiling studies, gene regulatory network research, and clinical disease molecular classification, diagnosis and prognosis.

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Drug Solid-State Research Service Platform.webp

Drug Solid-State Research Service Platform

Medicilon's pharmaceutical solid-state research service platform is dedicated to crystal form research services in the development of new drugs and generic drugs. It can provide salt form and polymorph screening, single crystal culture and structure analysis, crystallization process development, chiral separation and other services to assist global pharmaceutical research and development.

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SEND Format Conversion.webp

SEND Format Conversion

Medicilon's preclinical pharmacology and toxicology research team is equipped with a professional send format conversion team, and has established a send data conversion platform that is fully mature in terms of software, technology, specification and quality, so as to realize accurate data conversion and provide a good environment for electronic data submission. In 2020 alone, it has helped customers complete 14 send data conversion projects, of which 3 new drug projects have obtained clinical licenses from FDA.

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Routes of Drug Administration Platform.webp

Routes of Drug Administration Platform

The choice of routes in which the medication is given depends not only on convenience and compliance but also on the drug's pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic profile. Medicilon has Intravenous Injection (i.v.),Intravenous Injection (i.v.),Subcutaneous Injection (SC),Intradermal (Intracutaneous) Injection,Intrathecal Injection (IT),Intra-cisterna Magna Injection (ICM), and Multiple Administration Routes for clients.

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