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One-stop Integrated Services

Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D

One-stop Integrated Services

Medicilon is a professional biopharmaceutical preclinical contract research organization (CRO company) that provides one-stop preclinical cro services, including drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, preclinical research, and ind application, for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

Our One-stop drug Integrated Services platform helps customers accelerate the process of new drug R&D with powerful project management and more efficient and cost-effective R&D services.

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Drug Discovery Plarform

Medicilon can support the initial stages of drug research and development. We can identify, manufacture test and verify your initial hits establishing critical pathway screening cascades to select high quality lead molecules. We undertake assessment of compound drug like qualities early to confirm that lead chemical series have the capability of delivering drug like candidates.

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Pharmaceutical Research Platform.webp

Pharmaceutical Research

Medicilon can develop processes and formulation to deliver candidates and APIs to support preclinical research. We undertake quality control and stability studies to optimize API. Medicilon can offer wide experience in services such as green enzyme chemistry, API/CMC quality control, insoluble innovative drug technologies and high-quality synthesis of compounds.

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Preclinical Research Services

Medicilon's preclinical research services consist of three major parts: pharmacokinetic evaluation, disease models and drug safety evaluation. Our preclinical research services cover the key activities necessary for drug development including design, in vivo studies, sample analysis, professional data analysis, IACUC review, and preparation of regulatory application materials.

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Chemical Drug Development

Medicilon offers a one-stop shop for integrated small molecule chemical services including customized synthesis, medicinal chemistry, focused library preparation and process chemistry. Our chemistry team has helped many clients discover and develop novel and potent chemical series.

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Medicilon's CDMO Service Platform.webp

Pharmaceutical Research CDMO

The Medicilon Process Department can address your needs from preclinical small-scale synthesis, process development, scale-up, process validation and quality control development to pharmaceutical grade commercial production at 300Kg scale.

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CDMO Service Platform

Medicilon has constructed the GMP Drug Products Pilot Plant to meet the rising needs for innovative medicine R&D, production, packaging, inspections and stability tests. We provide qualified CDMO services for clients developing innovative medicine.

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One-stop API Process R&D Department.webp

One-stop API Process R&D Department

Medicilon currently offers a cGMP API production line. From preclinical laboratory-scale testing and process development to commercialized production, we meet the needs of our clients throughout the comprehensive supply chain, including R&D, purchase and production. From the mg- and g-level to kg level, our processes allow flexible adjustments to fit our clients innovative process R&D and production scale requirements.

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Translational Medicine Platform.webp

Translational Medicine Platform

The Medicilon translational medicine department has an experienced technical team. We start from an understanding of the mechanism of action of drug targets and the clinical application of biomarkers, combining a variety of different technology platforms and approaches to reduce the cost and time of drug R&D. Medicilon provides diverse and efficient services for different types of drug, candidates, different customers and distinct projects at various R&D stages.

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Botanical Drug Preclinical R&D Technology Platform.webp

Botanical Drug Preclinical R&D Technology Platform

Medicilon Botanical Drug Preclinical R&D Technology Service Platform is established based on the existing drug pharmacokinetic and safety evaluation research platform of the company with over decade of research and development experience.

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