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2016 Recombinant Protein and Antibody Drug R&D Seminar

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China Pharmaceutical University and Hefei Chaohu, Economic Development Zone, successfully co-hosted the “2016 Recombinant Protein and Antibody Drug R&D Seminar” at Shenye Holiday Inn Hot Spring Resort recently. Medicilon congratulated the successful seminar hosting and sincerely thanked all the colleagues and peers from the pharmaceutical industry who attended this seminar for their sharing. As one of the co-organizers, Medicilon received a lot of attention!

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During the seminar, the organizers invited several well-known experts and scholars to conduct in-depth discussions and communication with participants on various topics, such as MAb and ADC pharmacokinetics and the latest research progress and the prospect of Biologics, through presentations and panel discussions. It played a significant role in promoting the Development of the pharmaceutical industry.


Photos From the Seminar and Panel Discussion

Guozhen Xu, VP of Sinobioway Bioeconomy Group Co., LTD. hosted the opening ceremony


Dr. Min Wang, President of China Pharmaceutical University, delivered the welcoming speech


Dr. Ji Li, Vice Chairman of Pharmaceutical Society of Jiangsu Province, delivered a welcoming speech


Dr. Yuexi Li, Vice Chairman of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Jiangsu Province, delivered a welcoming speech


Wenbo Cao, CEO of Sinobioway Bioeconomy Group, delivered a welcoming speech


Professor Min Wang from China Pharmaceutical University hosted the academic symposium


Huiping Chen from CFDA Audit Center reported for the analysis of common problems in biological products inspection


Dr. Xingchu Gu, VP of Medicilon’s Preclinical Research, reported on preclinical safety evaluation of therapeutic monoclonal antibody


Zongmin Wang, Director of Jiangsu Province Food and Drug Administration Registry, explained on the Reform Policy of Drug Examination and Approval


Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, hosted the panel discussion


Professor Yu Liu (Left) and Professor Hanmei Xu (Right) from China Pharmaceutical University hosted the panel discussion


Professor Zichun Hua from Nanjing University reported on long-term effects of protein drugs


Professor Chunmin Rao from National Institute of Food and Drug Control reported on recombinant and antibody drug quality control research


Professor Min Wang from China Pharmaceutical University reported on development of monoclonal antibody in China


Dr. Xiangyang Zhu, General Manager of Huabo Biopharm, reported on the progress antibody drugs research


Dr. Wenzhi Tian from ImmuneOnco shared the experience on antibody drug R & D


Dr. Juan Zhang, Vice Professor of China Pharmaceutical University, reported on the research of anti-tumor angiogenesis antibody JZB01

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