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Development Trend of Medicinal Chemistry

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The progress of medicinal chemistry and a large number of new drugs listed in the late 20th century, mainly summarized as two reasons: 1) Life sciences, such as structural biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, genetics and biotechnology, to provide theoretical basis and technical support for the discovery of new drugs; 2) the rapid development of scientific information such as the establishment of bioinformatics, the development of biochips, the application of various information kiosks and information technology, can easily retrieve and search the required literature and the research level and efficiency greatly improved.

Medicinal Chemistry

    In order to strive for the international market, pharmaceutical companies invested a lot of money for new drug research and development; new varieties of drugs continue to promote the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry.

We will usher in the new century of knowledge economy in the near future. Knowledge innovation, technological innovation, scientific and technological progress and economic development will be the main task facing life science and information science will be increasingly developed to become an active area of the next century, which for disease prevention and treatment, new drug research provides an important foundation.

Medicinal chemistry, biology and biotechnology connected closely is still the future development trend.

Medicilon’s chemistry department possesses advanced synthetic medicinal chemistry skills and an excellent record-tracking system to progress programs and generate preclinical candidates. We can rapidly transform your drug discovery program from hit screening to SAR-driven medicinal chemistry in an efficient and cost effective manner. We use state-of-the-art parallel synthesis and purification technology to prepare high-quality compound libraries. Our chemists have extensive experiences in working with clients on hit to lead and lead optimization for candidate’s programs, and in converting medicinal synthetic routes of compounds into processes that make multi-kilogram quantities to support animal studies within a restricted time frame.

Medicinal Chemistry

We utilize medicinal chemistry efficiently and cost-effectively to progress our client’s drug discovery projects to candidate nomination, preclinical development, and IND.

> Hit to lead and/or lead optimization
> Rational Drug Design
> Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)
> Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Campaign
> Final Lead Optimization and Candidate Nomination
> Process Development of Preclinical Candidate

Custom Synthesis

Medicilon has synthesized over 10,000 individual compounds from gram to kilogram quantities, and many compounds are synthesized with more than ten synthetic steps. The overall synthesis success rate is over 95%.

Well-designed and well-validated analytical methodology is critical to data integrity and central to our approach. We work closely with clients to ensure that our methodology will yield accurate results. Meanwhile, our precise quality systems ensure that all the facilities, equipment, methods, practices, records, and controls are tightly compliant with our regulations, study protocols, and standard operating procedures.

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