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Medicilon's Pharmaceutical Intermediates Service

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As a leading provider of chemical synthesis services, we provide reference compounds, intermediates, drug candidates, impurities, metabolites and other small molecule chemicals from milligram to kilogram level (including GMP quality).

The chemistry synthesis service comes with weekly updates, final reports and ordered amounts of the compound under strict confidentiality. The final reports contain sufficient information for you to readily repeat the chemistry in house if needed.

In this typically full-time-equivalent (FTE) arrangement, the client sends us the target structures and we perform the route design and deliver the molecules.

  • From Milligram to Kilogram Level High Quality Product Preparation

  • Special Reagent, Intermediate and Template Preparation

  • API or Related Material Preparation

  • Impurity and Metabolite Study

  • Analytical Support

  • Related Reports

Medicilon’s chemical sector is mainly engaged in the research and development of new high-value pharmaceutical intermediates and the optimization of process optimization, fine chemical industry and the synthesis and optimization of raw material medicine.  It is especially devoted to the special reagents, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates needed for natural products and new drugs.

Pharmaceutical intermediates are essential for producing principal ingredients of synthetic medicines with complex chemical structures. This business requires exceptionally high level of attention to quality in every step of manufacture, starting from raw material procurement.

According to their use, medicine can be divided into anti-cardiovascular drugs, anti-tumor drugs, regulating endocrine system drugs, antibiotics, etc.  Each type of drugs contains a variety of different structures of drugs such as: antibiotics, including lactam, Esters, quinolones, chloramphenicol and so on. As the pharmaceutical intermediates are mainly used for the production of various drugs, so the type is also complex.

Pharmaceutical industry from the production prospective can be divided into two major categories of raw materials production and preparation processing; raw material production by source can be divided into natural drugs and chemical drugs, according to the production, it can be divided into natural extraction drugs, biosynthetic drugs and chemical synthesis.

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