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Analytical Chemistry and Its Application Scope

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Do you know the Analytical Chemistry and Its Application Scope? Analytical Chemistry is the branches of chemistry. The main task of Analytical Chemistry is to identify the chemical composition (elements, ions, functional groups, or compounds) of the substance, to determine the content of the relevant components of the substance and the structure of the substance (chemical structure, crystal structure, spatial distribution), the existence of the form (valence state, coordination state, crystalline state) and its relationship with the nature of the material, mainly for structural analysis, morphological analysis, energy analysis.

Field of application of Analytical Chemistry: Analytical chemistry has a very high practical value, made an important contribution to the material civilization of mankind, widely used in geological survey, mineral exploration, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, agriculture, medicine, clinical laboratory, environmental protection, commodity inspection, Archaeological analysis, forensic criminal investigation and other fields.

Medicilon's analytical chemistry and purification and separation team is able to offer high-quality analysis and purification & separation services. We are well-regarded by our clients for our rich experience and problem-solving skills.

Analytical methods should be simple, not only field work (such as geological survey, chemical prospecting, environmental monitoring, soil testing, etc.) but needs simple and effective chemical analysis methods and indoor routine analysis work as well.

analytical testing labs

Because the method is simple and the steps are small without compromising the required accuracy and precision, this means saving time, manpower and expense. For example, the gold shop to buy gold jewelry, it is in the test stone slabs (scientific name is stripes), and then from the color of the stripes to identify the fineness of gold. This striping method is still used in mineral identification.

Of course, this method is less than the fire test method or atomic absorption spectrometry accurate, but has been able to achieve the purpose of identification of gold. Another example, the urine of urine can be measured with a special enzyme-containing test paper, from the color of the test paper to estimate the amount of sugar content; the method is simple and evens the patient. On the other hand, atomic absorption spectrometry can also indirectly measure the amount of sugar in the urine sample, but because it is not economical and not been used.

Chemical Analytical Center of Medicilon provides general analysis and purification services for the clients. Our analytical chemists have rich experience, proficient skills to solve problems, which are highly appreciated by clients in chenical tests


Analytical Chemistry Services Including:

Featured Services – Impurity Analysis

Impurity Isolation by Pre-HPLC
Impurity Identification by 1D/2D NMR、LCMS、EA、HRMS、IR、UV et al
Isolation and Identification of Degradation Byproduct of API
Q-NMR Analysis
IND Package Preparation

Development and Validation of Analytical Methods (Complying with guidelines of CP, USP, EMA, ICH et al)

Methods of Purity and Assay
Methods of Residue Solvents
Methods of Chiral Purity
Methods of Heavy Metal

General Analytical Chemistry Services

LC-MS Analysis(Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry)
HPLC Analysis (including ELSD)
Chiral HPLC Analysis
General Testing (ROI、LOD、Cl-、SO42-、mp、HM、Specific Rotation、Water Content, et al )

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