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Medicilon's Drug ADME/PK Assays Services

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Medicilon’s pharmacokinetics department offers the clients a broad spectrum of high quality of services in the areas of in vitro ADME, in vivo pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis services, ranging from small molecules to large molecules, such as protein and antibody. The animal species involved in our services are non-human primate, canine, mice, rat, rabbit and etc. Meanwhile, non-human primate experimental platform and isotope platform for protein/antibody are certified by the Shanghai government.

In Vitro ADME Services

Available PK Studies Include:

  • Method development and validation (GLP,Non-GLP)

  • Bioanalysis

  • Pharmacokinetics (Tumor bearing rodents, Bioavailability,

  • Crossover studies,  Cassette (N in 1) dosing and analysis, effects of gender on pharmacokinetics, BBB  penetration )

  • Stability in vehicles and plasma

  • Drug interaction studies

  • In vitro metabolic stability

  • Prediction and identification of major metabolites

  • Toxicokinetics analysis

  • Distribution studies

In Vivo ADME Services

Medicilon offers a suite of in vivo ADME services and features a team with over 12 years of experience. We are equipped to conduct in-life studies in rat ,pig , mouse and dog. We provide comprehensive radiolabel ADME study support across non-clinical species.
Available studies include:

  • Excretion Studies

  • Tissue Distribution

  • Plasma Protein Binding Studies

  • Others……


  • Advanced bioanalytical method development

  • Advanced bioanalytical method validation

  • Pharmacokinetics

  • Others……

In Vitro ADME Services

With extensive knowledge of in vitro ADME and pharmacokinetics gained through working within drug discovery environments at both pharmaceutical and biotech companies, our ADME experts offer a consultative approach ensuring that the right experiments are performed at the right time.

ADME Assays SERVICES has been created with the objective to give support on pharmacokinetics and metabolism studies to small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies involved in research and development of new drugs or new formulations.

• Absorption ‐ route of drug delivery
• Distribution ‐ where does the drug go, where does it need to go and what
are the implications
• Metabolism Metabolism ‐ this will occur and could impact several several variables variables
• Excretion – how is the drug eliminated

Pharmacokinetics is concerned with the variation in drug concentration with time as a result of absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion
– Drug dose, route of administration, administration, rate and extent of absorption, absorption, distribution distribution rate (particularly to site of action) and rate of elimination
– Pharmacokinetics may be simply defined as what the body does to the drug
– Pharmacodynamics defined as what the drug does to the body

These pharmacokinetic processes, often referred to as ADME, determine the drug concentration in the body when medicines are prescribed.

mouse model dog model

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Tel : +86 021 58591500

Tips : Above is part of drug adme assays , adme study services and pharmacokinetics adme Services. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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