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Based on Zhangjiang, Medicilon helps advance drug preclinical research and development

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On August 2, 2019, Medicilon’s 15th Anniversary Tour Forum-Preclinical Research Symposium was held in Pudong International Talent Harbor. Medical R&D colleagues from nearly 100 enterprises participated in the conference. This seminar was sponsored by Shanghai Medicilon Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Pudong International Talent Development Center and Shanghai Pudong New Area Bioindustry Industry Association.

drug preclinical research
Drug preclinical research

The meeting was opened by Ying Guifeng, the project manager of the Pudong International Talent Development Center, and delivered a welcome speech. Then, Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, kicked off the report on the Sino-US Innovative Drug Clinical Research Application (IND) dual report, focusing on the drug’s potential Pharmacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicological parameters prepared, drug clinical trial application (IND) Sino-US double report research requirements, Medicilon innovative drug research and development platform, etc.

Professor Peng Shuangqing, vice president and head of the agency of Medicilon’s preclinical research department, and Dr. Zhang Xiaodong, vice president of Medicilon’s preclinical toxicology, respectively, on the non-clinical safety evaluation strategy and technical requirements of innovative drugs and the specific content of non-clinical safety evaluation, Reports were made on the time required for the completion of non-clinical safety evaluation trials, the focus of non-clinical safety evaluation experimental design, and the reasonable consideration of non-clinical safety evaluation time arrangements.

Dr. Dong Wenxin, Executive Director of Medicilon Pharmacodynamics Department, Dr. Xin Baomin, Vice President of DMPK and Bioanalysis Department, Dr. Ma Fei, Executive Director of Early Pharmacokinetics Department, Dr. Hu Zheyi, Senior Director of Pharmacology Department, and Dr. Zeng Xiancheng, Senior Director of Toxicology Research Department , Dr. Gu Xingchu, Vice President of the Preclinical Research Department, respectively, brought participants the preclinical efficacy evaluation system and new drug development, biomacromolecule drug analysis strategies and trends, innovative drug DMPK research strategies, tumor immunotherapy drug efficacy evaluation models, Current research reports on similarities and differences in preclinical pharmacokinetics and toxicity studies of antibody conjugates between China and the United States, preclinical drug evaluation and FIH.

In the final discussion session of the conference, Dr. Zhang Yan from Shanghai Huahuituo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and Dr. Geng Ya from Shanghai Jiyu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. joined the topic sharing and discussed the experience of drug application. Participants actively asked questions and pushed the conference to a climax.

This meeting established an effective platform for the exchange of research progress and prospects of preclinical drugs. The academic atmosphere of the venue was strong, and the participants were enthusiastic about on-site exchanges. The conference promoted the exchange and cooperation among experts, professors, scholars, and participants, and won unanimous praise from everyone. Looking forward to the next meeting we will meet again!

About Medicilon

Medicilon is a drug research and development outsourcing service company (CRO), which has established a compound synthesis, compound activity screening, structural biology, pharmacodynamic evaluation, pharmacokinetic evaluation, toxicology evaluation, formulation research and new drugs in Shanghai. It is registered as an integrated technical service platform that meets international standards and has been recognized by the international drug administration. Medicipua’s animal laboratory facilities have obtained AAALAC (International Association for Animal Evaluation and Certification) certification and National Medical Products Administration NMPA GLP certification, and have reached the U.S. Food and Drug Administration GLP standard. Medicilon helps customers reach their goals faster with efficient and cost-effective one-stop professional services.

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