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Biacore 8k Services-Medicilon

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SPR, surface plasmon resonance, reveal the interaction between proteins and other biomolecules through physical optical effects, to help customers understand molecular functions and screen effective molecules. It can replace and is superior to tests such as WB/Elisa/CO-IP-/Pull-down/ChIP/EMSA/FRET/Yeast two-hybrid.

Medicilon has an advanced instrument Biacore 8K and an experienced team to help you complete the SPR test. Biacore test can be used for small molecule drug screening, body function evaluation, biomacromolecule force and other tests. As a high-throughput test system, BIAcore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short time. As the company’s demand for SPR testing services continues to increase, costs are correspondingly reduced. Medicilon now launches SPR test sample group special activities to ensure efficient and fast completion of test services, while reducing test costs for customers.

 Biacore 8K

Medicilon is a drug research and development outsourcing service company (CRO), which has established a compound synthesis, compound activity screening, structural biology, pharmacodynamic evaluation, pharmacokinetic evaluation, toxicology evaluation, formulation research and new drugs in Shanghai. It is registered as a comprehensive technical service platform that meets international standards and has been recognized by the international drug administration. Medicipua’s animal laboratory facilities have obtained AAALAC (International Association for Animal Evaluation and Certification) certification and National Medical Products Administration NMPA GLP certification, and have reached the US Food and Drug Administration GLP standard. Medicilon helps customers reach their goals faster with efficient and cost-effective one-stop professional services.

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