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Biacore Analysis Service 8K

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The Biacore™ 8K is the newest member of the Biacore family of products. Biacore 8K efficiently delivers binding data with the quality you expect while meeting tomorrow’s challenges in small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization.

Medicilon Biacore 8K

Discover more, more efficiently.

· Single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization
· Screening of 2300 small molecule fragments in a day
· High-quality kinetic characterization of 64 interactions in 5 h
· 60 h unattended runtime with queueing abilities and rapid multi-run evaluations
· Confident interaction analysis of small molecules and complex targets such as GPCRs
· Accurate differentiation of high-affinity binders

One solution for small molecule and biotherapeutic screening/characterization
Biacore analysis 8K gives you a single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization for small molecule and biotherapeutic discovery. The system is well-suited to the analysis of a wide variety of samples including the smallest fragments or large multidomain proteins, even in crude matrices. Main applications include:

· Selection of biotherapeutic or small-molecule hits based on affinity and kinetic ranking
· Characterization and optimization of selected binders based on detailed kinetic and affinity information

A single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization increase operational efficiency

• Eight separate channels with two flow cells each
• Capacity for four 96- or 384-well microplates
• Queuing capability of methods, cleaning procedures, temperature changes etc. Get started in minutes and obtain quality results
• Flexible control software backed up with intuitive evaluation software. Ensure the integrity of samples in long runs
• Temperature controlled analysis and sample storage, 4°C to 40°C

Biacore in drug discoveryBiacore systems are suitable for compound and fragment based drug discovery from target research, throughout hit discovery and hit-to-lead as well as lead optimization and further development.

Medicilon has an advanced instrument Biacore 8K and an experienced team to help you complete the SPR test. Biacore test can be used for small molecule drug screening, body function evaluation, biomacromolecule force and other tests. As a high-throughput test system, BIAcore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short time. As the company’s demand for SPR testing services continues to increase, costs are correspondingly reduced. Medicilon now launches SPR test sample group special activities to ensure efficient and fast completion of test services, while reducing test costs for customers.

The bioanalysis laboratory of Medicilon Biotechnology has a full range of multifunctional technology platforms such as SpectraMaxM4/M5/i3x, MSD S600, Luminex, Biacore 8K, Envision, Gyrolab, Covaris E220R, ABI7500 qPCR instrument, etc., providing full compliance with FDA/ CFDA GLP, GCP standard biotechnology drug bioanalysis services to support early screening and development of protein drugs, antibody drugs, ADC drugs, peptide drugs, nucleic acid drugs, and cell gene therapy drugs, as well as preclinical and clinical related research.

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