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Biacore Technical Service: Biacore s200 and Biacore 8K

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Biacore System

BIA is the abbreviation of “Biomolecular Interaction Analysis” in English. BIAcore provides real-time observation of the interaction between biomolecules. Through it you can observe the specificity of the binding of the two molecules, you can know how strong the two molecules are combined, and you can understand how many cooperators and participants there are in the binding process of biological molecules. Biacore allows you to get results that are difficult to obtain with other technical methods, because it can reflect the changes in every second during the molecular binding process in real time. Without the use of markers for analysis, BIAcore is widely used in the determination of various biological systems, from various small molecule compounds, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and oligosaccharides to lipids, bacteriophages, viruses and cells. Biacore is a versatile instrument, because you can arbitrarily couple any of the above-mentioned biomolecules to the sensor surface.

Our Biology Department boasts a variety of technical solutions, professional scientific research teams, various advanced biological instruments and biological laboratories. Medicilon has rich experience in biological fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, in vitro biology, structural biology, among others.

With our technical platforms such as enzyme level and cell level measurement platforms, we help our clients select compounds and research their properties, action mechanism and bio-marker analysis, thus ensuring the effective implementation of our clients' projects and helping promote the process of drug R&D.

Medicilon has an advanced instrument Biacore 8K and an experienced team to help you complete the SPR test. Biacore test can be used for small molecule drug screening, body function evaluation, biomacromolecule force and other tests. As a high-throughput test system, BIAcore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short time. As the company’s demand for SPR testing services continues to increase, costs are correspondingly reduced. Medicilon now launches SPR test sample group special activities to ensure efficient and fast completion of test services, while reducing test costs for customers.

BIAcore has more than 20 years of research and development experience in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors, and is a technology leader and standard setter in the field of biomolecular interactions. The BIAcore system provides unique insights to reveal the interactions between proteins and other biomolecules, which can help scientists to better understand the functions of biomolecules, make better decisions and improve productivity.

BIAcore is based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology to track the interactions between biomolecules in real time without any markers. During the experiment, a biomolecule was first fixed on the surface of the sensor chip, and the molecules interacting with it were dissolved in the solution and flowed across the chip surface. The detector can track the changes in the whole process of the molecules in the solution and the molecules on the surface of the chip binding and dissociation.

The BIAcore system can provide valuable information for many fields including: kinetics, affinity, specificity, thermodynamics, and concentration. At the same time, the range of molecules it can study is also very wide-as large as cells and viruses, as small as 100 Daltons The following organic compounds. The BIAcore system’s powerful hardware, a wide range of consumables, and intelligent software control suit the needs of various fields for high-quality data: whether it is basic research, drug development, or even quality control during the production process.

Biacore 8K: Both high-throughput and high-quality interactive data
• A high-throughput screening and characterization platform that meets the development of new compounds and biotherapeutics;
• High throughput, 16 sets of detection channels, 8 needles in parallel analysis;
• Complete screening of 384 samples in 2 hours, and 64 sets of kinetic characterization only takes 5 hours;
• 60 hours unattended operation, 4-40°C sample compartment supports 4 96/384 well plates;
• High sensitivity,<0.02RU ultra-low noise level, meet the needs of small molecular weight samples and ultra-low coupling analysis;
• Only one chip is needed to complete the inspection, with higher throughput but lower cost;
• Brand-new ABA, 2D Kinetics modules to meet drug competition inhibition experiments, condition exploration and rapid action
Mechanical characterization.
Biacore S200: The latest generation of ultra-high sensitivity molecular interaction analysis system
• Satisfy the latest interaction analysis system for scientific research, small molecule, fragment compounds and active component screening of traditional Chinese medicine;
• Ultra-high sensitivity, no molecular weight lower limit for organic compounds, especially in line with the interaction analysis of scientific research frontiers such as membrane proteins, receptors, complexes (GPCR, kinase);
• Lower sample consumption, minimum injection volume 2μl, only 0.03 to 3 μg per channel fixed sample;
• Brand new ABA module, especially suitable for drug binding site analysis and competition experiment;
• Support analysis of interaction effects of metal ions and pH conditions;
• The software supports batch processing and automatic quality control of up to 5000 data;
• 48 hours unattended, flexible support for 96-well plate, 384-well plate and 1.5ml EP tube and other different loading methods.
Biacore T200: full-featured molecular interaction analysis system
• Fully functional interaction system to meet new biological drug development and scientific research;
• Two methods of concentration quantification based on standard curve and without calibration
• Complete immunogenicity analysis module;
• Micro sample recovery module for subsequent mass spectrometry analysis;
• Thermodynamic analysis module to provide more structural information;
• Comprehensive affinity, kinetics, consistency analysis of biosimilar drugs;
• 48 hours unattended, supports 96-well plate, 384-well plate or 1.5ml EP tube loading.
Biacore X100: an intelligent high-performance molecular interaction system
• Intelligent high-performance molecular interaction system;
• Interactive software design helps you quickly conduct biomolecular interaction research;
• Meet the interaction analysis of protein, small molecule, antibody and other molecular types;
• Innovative single-cycle dynamics and sensor diagram quality control module;
• The optional expansion pack provides support for variable temperature analysis, online degassing, organic solvent calibration, and active concentration analysis.

Detection/determination of intermolecular interaction force (based on Biacore)
Antibody and biological drug screening
Screening of chemical drugs, small molecule drugs, natural drugs
Antibody biopharmaceutical characterization
Characterization of chemical drugs, small molecule drugs, natural drugs

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