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Bio-Plex suspension chip multiple detection platform

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The Bio-Plex suspension chip multiple detection platform can simultaneously detect up to 100 molecules in the same sample. Because of its good reproducibility in data, it is now widely used in immunology and various disease research. Such as cardiovascular disease, biomarker screening of tumor-specific markers, development of drug therapy targets, evaluation of drug treatment effects, disease-related angiogenesis, metastasis, cell proliferation, apoptosis, inflammation, signal transduction, cytokine release synthesis of cell therapy Monitoring research of the disease. The Bio-Plex system can simultaneously detect multiple target proteins such as interleukins, interferons and other cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, inflammatory factors, apolipoproteins, phosphorylated proteins, and disease-specific markers such as diabetes and cancer , And screen out the main relevant biomarkers or drug targets from them to determine the direction for subsequent research and application.

Bio-Plex suspension chip

Advantages of Bio-Plex Suspension Chip Multiple Detection Platform

Unique system calibration and verification tools for internal quality control to ensure the accuracy, reproducibility and comparability of experimental data

Advanced weighted 5-parameter mathematical statistics technology to ensure data reliability and accuracy

Powerful operation software, using man-machine dialogue operation, easy to learn

Open xMAP technology platform, compatible with all Multi-Plex detection including nucleic acids

Comprehensive cytokines, phosphorylated proteins, diabetes, vascular hyperplasia, acute phase, etc., various molecular and cell biology and disease research reagents

The first to introduce magnetic bead detection technology, the operation is faster and easier

The Bio-Plex suspension chip multiple detection platform is developed based on the flexible xMAP technology. With the help of microsphere array technology and flow cytometry technology, it can simultaneously quantify a variety of biomolecules (proteins, peptides and nucleic acid fragments) in trace samples. To achieve simultaneous screening of multiple Biomarkers, Medicilon’s introduction of the Bio-Plex suspension chip multiple detection platform will greatly improve the efficiency of scientific research and innovation, and at the same time improve the quality of in vitro biological services.

Medicilon Biology has extensive and extensive experience in the field of in vitro biology. Medicilon measures enzyme levels, cell levels, cell biology, biochemistry, in vitro isotope measurements, stable cell line establishment, gene knockout, RNAi And MicroRNA technology, etc., can provide a complete set of biological services.

Medicilon in vitro biology projects are

  • In vitro biochemical analysis

  • Verify physical and chemical testing

  • Cell-level analysis

  • Radioisotope analysis

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