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Bioassay Testing Services

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Bioassay Test Services

Bioassay testing or biological assay/screening is any qualitative or quantitative analysis of a substances that uses a living system, such as an intact cell, as a component.Bioassay testing services

Bioassay test services are most often employed to determine the concentration or purity of substances including vitamin, hormone, or plant growth factor by measuring their effect on tissue, cells, enzymes, or receptors. The general approach involves measuring the biological response of the live material at several doses, to understand the dose-response relation.

As such, the advantage of the bioassay testing procedure is that it can help determine both the concentration and potency of a sample, which is necessary for regulatory submission and lot release testing of biopharmaceutical products.

Just a few of in vitro / in vivo bioassay test services including:

In Vitro Bioassays

  • Method Development

  • Method Transfer

  • Method Optimization

  • ICH-Compliant Method Validation

  • Lot Release Testing For Drug Substances

  • Stability Testing

  • Comparability Testing Between Innovator and Follow-On Biologic

  • Accelerated Stress Condition Testing

In Vivo Bioassays

  • Established Pharmacopeial Methods

We never let a specialized or demanding bioassay requirement stall our customers’ speed of innovation, and work scientist to scientist to solve even the most challenging bioanalytical assay needs with responsive service and seasoned expertise.


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Tips : Above is part of bioassay testing services and biological assay method. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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