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Medicilon's Biochemistry Assays Services

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Our Discovery Biology department offers services supporting structure-based drug discovery from determination of novel targets to final structures. Our platform is one of the earliest established structural biology platforms in China and has been certified by the Shanghai Government. For details

Biochemical Assay

Technology Platforms

  • Fluorescence: Lance; Alphascreen; Z’-LYTE ; HTRF,TR-FRET,FP etc

  • Luminescence: Kinase-Glo; ADP-Glo etc

  • Absorbance: UV; VI


Kinase Assay: VEGFR2 I

Kinase Assay VEGFR2 I 

Protease Assay: Renin inhibition using FRET

Protease Assay: Renin inhibition using FRET 

Medicilon’s biochemical assay services include a large variety of biochemical assays that serve to help researchers characterize, track, and quantify biomolecules. Our skilled assay biologists are able to develop and validate enzyme activity and ligand-binding assays in a wide range of spectrophotometric, luminescence and fluorescence-based formats. We can screen and characterize compounds in medium-throughput assays for hit-finding and later during the lead optimization phase of your discovery programme.

biochemistry assayWe have extensive experience in the development of functional biochemical assays for High-Throughput Screening (HTS), hit-to-lead and lead optimization activities across a broad range of target classes, including:

  • Oxidoreductases, comprising several Histone Demethylases

  • Transferases, comprising several Kinases

  • Hydrolases, comprising Proteases, Deubiquitinases, Lipases, and HDACs

  • Ligases

  • Protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction assays

  • etc.

Biochemistry is one of the crossover fields of chemistry. Biochemists have to understand both the living world and the chemical world.

Biochemical Assay Methods

There is described a method for determining a value that allows the effect that a compound has on a target to be compared with the effect that another compound has on the target, which method comprises adding the compound, at a concentration which continuously varies with time, to a flow of the target. The method can be carried out using a microfluidic system.

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Tips : Above is part of biochemistry assays, biochemistry assays method. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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