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Biological Experiment Technology Service Company

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Shanghai Medicilon has extensive and extensive experience in molecular biology services, in vitro biology, cell biology services and structural biology. From the initial cDNA library construction to drug design, through protein purification, structure determination and analytical determination, we provide a complete set of biological technical services. Currently opened projects include recombinant proteins, protein expression (yeast, E. coli, baculovirus, insects, etc.), protein purification, in vitro biology, and a full set of selenoamino acid culture medium.

Shanghai Medicilon has extensive and extensive experience in molecular biology services

Medicilon currently has a 3W square meter R&D laboratory and advanced instruments and equipment. The company’s scientific backbone is composed of several experienced Chinese doctors and corporate executives who have worked in the US pharmaceutical industry for many years. The company has more than 600 employees People, about 30% have a doctorate or master’s degree; more than 10% of employees have a foreign education background and/or work experience. The company has been recognized as “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise”, “Advanced Technology Service Enterprise”, “Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform”, “Pudong New Area Enterprise R&D Institution” and “Shanghai Pudong New Area Enterprise Postdoctoral Workstation”.

Biotechnology services


Medicilon Biotechnology Service Project


  1. Expression and purification of recombinant protein
    Medicilon Biotechnology Services has more than 10 years of experience in recombinant protein expression and purification services. Medicilon has a variety of protein expression collaborations, including prokaryotic protein expression systems, yeast protein expression systems, and insect cell protein expression systems ( Baculovirus) mammalian cell protein expression system, with a variety of fusion technologies, can provide you with a variety of options in protein expression and purification. From scheme design, gene optimization, expression condition optimization to purification technology system, to improve your target protein expression level.


  3. Protein Crystallography Service service items:
    High-throughput screening of protein crystal conditions;
    Data collection of protein synchrotron diffraction;
    Protein-compound co-crystallization; Fragment screening
    Analysis of protein crystal structure;


  5. In vitro biology service items:
    In vitro biochemical analysis
    Verified biochemical test
    Cell-level analysis
    Western blot analysis
    HT1080 cell and MDA-MB-231 cell migration assay
    Radioisotope analysis


  7. Selenium Amino Acid Medium
    Medicilon Biotech Services provides a full set of M9 selenomethionine (SeMET) medium, which can be used in IPTG-induced E. coli expression systems to produce selenomethionine-labeled proteins, and uses multi-wavelength anomalous scattering (MAD) methods for protein crystallography studies . This medium simplifies the steps of E. coli cultivation and saves you a lot of time, labor and material costs. After careful optimization by Medicilon, the Structural Genomics Laboratory can accelerate protein production; we can also specifically design and optimize the medium according to your needs. The medium does not need to be sterilized and weighs various components, just add one by one according to the enclosed manual. M9 high-yield medium has doubled the yield of bacteria, and it is more and more widely used in scientific research and biomedical industry.

The service target of Medicilon Biotechnology Department: pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, R&D institutions, schools and other enterprises or institutions with pharmaceutical R&D needs.

We have professional and comprehensive technical services, the most rigorous and efficient experimental team, and the most authentic and reliable experimental data.

Biotechnology is also called bioengineering. It is a practical technology built on the basis of molecular biology to create new biological types or new biological functions. It is a combination of modern biological science and engineering technology. Specifically, bioengineering technologies include genetically modified plants, animal biotechnologies, molecular breeding techniques of crops, nanobiotechnology, and biological treatment of important diseases. At present, the development of the world’s biotechnology has entered the initial stage of large-scale industrialization. The booming and rapidly developing fields of biomedicine, bio-agriculture, bio-energy, bio-manufacturing, bio-environmental protection, etc., are making the bio-industry a relay message for the world economy After the industry, another new leading industry.


Biotechnology service outsourcing project

  • DNA sequencing technology service outsourcing

  • Biological information analysis technology service outsourcing

  • Proteomics technical service outsourcing

  • Antibody preparation technology service outsourcing

  • Gene cloning and expression technology service outsourcing

  • Biochip technology service outsourcing

  • DNA and peptide synthesis technology service outsourcing

The main areas of biotechnology include: genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering and protein engineering.

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