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Biomarker Assay and Biomarker Analysis

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Medicilon offers comprehensive and FDA/CFDA GLP-compliant bioanalysis services to support preclinical and clinical development for small molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines and biomarkers.

biomarker assay

Biomarker Testing 

– Inflammation Markers
Tumor Markers
– Metabolic Markers
– Cardiovascular Markers

– Bone Markers

Biomarkers are rapidly becoming the main drivers of innovation for medicine in the 21st century. Biomarkers are used as indicators of biological processes and pharmacological responses to a specific drug or therapy.

Since they improve the potential to tailor treatment to the specific needs of individual patients, they have become a critical prerequisite to personalized medicine, companion diagnostics and they are also an integral part of the drug discovery and development process.

Medicilon provides comprehensive laboratory support for all stages of product development, from early discovery and preclinical studies (non-GLP and GLP).  Our dedicated and highly experienced scientists use state-of-the-art technologies for biomarker analysis to support preclinical projects where fast data turn-around may be of essence.

Biomarker & Assay Development Services are available as package or single services:

1. Biomarker Discovery

Identification of new disease-specific metabolite panels in exploratory studies including experimental design, application of statistical models, biochemical interpretation and pathway mapping

2. Assay Development (Development and Application of Biomarker Assays)

Development of quantitative mass spectrometry based biomarker assays, validation (fit-for-purpose) and documentation

3. Biomarker Testing
Verification of metabolomic biomarkers in independent sample cohorts

4. Bioinformatics & Customized Output

Statistical analysis, biochemical data interpretation, customized data reports, decision support and study design

All Biomarker Testing Service personnel training is reviewed and documented annually:

– Quality Manual Review
Safety Training
– Assay Training
– SOP Training

Contact Us 

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Tel : +86 021 58591500

Tips:  Above is part of biomarker assay, biomarker analysis, biomarker discovery and development. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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