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Medicilon's Cell Based Bioassay Development Services

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Cell Based Bioassay Development Services

Cell Based Bioassays, are designed to establish the potency and stability of a drug substance or product and are important in establishing safety and efficacy profiles for biopharmaceuticals.  Medicilon provides in-vitro assay development and compound screening services.  We offer access to cell based screening assay services from Reaction Biology. Cellular screening assay services for proliferation, apoptosis, phosphorylation and histone modification are available for an expanding range of over 50 normal and cancer cell lines.


Cell-Based Assay Services Available

Technology Platforms

  • Cytotoxicity Assay

  • Apoptosis Assay

  • Cell Migration Assay

  • Cell Invasion Assay

  • Immunostaining Assay

  • Immunofluorescence Assay (96/384 wells)

  • Reporter Gene Assay (GFP/Luc)

  • Cellular Uptake Assay

  • Gene Knockdown Assay

  • RNAi Assay

  • MicroRNA Over-expression Assay

  • MicroRNA Knockdown Assay

  • Adenovirus/retrovirus/lentivirus

Cytotoxicity Assay Using celltiter glo

cell based assay development

Cell-based Cathepsin Assay for irreversible inhibitors

Cell-based Cathepsin Assay for irreversible inhibitors 

Cell Cycle Analysis Using Flow Cytometry


Cell Cycle Analysis Using Flow Cytometry 

Medicilon’s cell based services include: Cytotoxicity Assay, Apoptosis Assay, Cell Migration Assay, Cell Invasion Assay and etc.

Medicilon’s protein services include: Recombinant Protein Services, Protein Crystallization & Structural , Discovery Biology Services, SeMet Media Sales and etc.

Custom Biology Services Team

Leveraging a long standing expertise in cell culture methods, protein production and purification, structural biology, assay development, HTS and target validation, our team delivers the right reagent at assay-ready quality for our client’s needs.

Medicilon has been recognized as one of the top drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China and is managed by a team of scientists with a wealth of experience in US-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As our areas of expertise and service capabilities continue to expand, more and more pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have taken advantage of our integrated drug discovery and development services.

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