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Cell Line Development Services

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Medicilon can provide Cell Line Development Services. Medicilon can generate homogenous stable clones in different cellular backgrounds including very hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells, for expressing genes of interest at high levels for reagent generation, assay development and biotherapeutic development.

We specialize in the over-expression of tagged and untagged proteins; G-protein coupled receptors receptor/ ligand, Ion channels, micro RNA target genes, transcription factors and reporter genes. The activities include cell transfections for generation of recombinant cell lines, optimization of transfection, serum free adaptation, media optimization, cell line characterization, monoclonal antibody production and research cell banking.

Our cell and molecular biology scientists are experts in cell line development, including vector design and construction, host cell transfection and the selection and characterization of stable transfectants. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible client experience and the most efficient path to commercialization, starting with a stable and well-characterized cell line.

Cell Line Development Services

We understand the importance of high growth rates and the productivity/titer of cell lines for biomanufacturing and consider these throughout the cell line development process, which includes the following steps:

  • Analysis and Verification of DNA Sequences

  • Construction of Expression Vectors (Including Site-Directed Mutagenesis)

  • Transfection of Host Cells (Both Stable and Transient) Using Non-Viral Methods

  • Generation and Selection of Mammalian Cell Lines (Including CHO DHFR-, HEK-293)

  • Gene Amplification for Increased Productivity

  • Subcloning and characterization of cell lines

  • Generation of research cell banks and working cell banks as well as coordination of master cell bank creation and testing with approved third party vendor

  • Storage of Master Cell Banks under cGMP

Program Features

  • Open-access cell line technology platforms with low licensing fees

  • Same host cell line and vector system for transient production and stable cell line development in order to save time

  • Proven robust high yielding development platforms with average productivity of 2~7g/L with exceptional stability

  • Fast turn-around from DNA to top clones with high productivity and product quality

  • Research and GMP cell banking and supporting cell line characterization and stability studies

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