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Chemical FTE Service

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Medicilon’s chemical department has comprehensive chemical research capabilities and facilities including medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, process research and analytical support, and professional synthetic technology. It has a good record of project advancement and the generation of preclinical drug candidates. We can quickly complete new drug development projects from compound screening to new drug clinical research declaration in a highly efficient and low-cost manner.

Chemical FTE Service

Our team is made up of a team of experienced chemists, who can provide customers with high-quality and efficient research services of various chemical molecular synthesis. It can transform the small-scale synthesis method of the compound into a process route of several kilograms, which can ensure the completion of the project research within a very strict time limit.

Chemical FTE Service

Chemical FTE services, synthesis of chemical intermediates and analogs, development and research of compound structure-activity relationships and optimization of lead compounds, synthesis of drug metabolic intermediates and literature reference compounds, focusing on the synthesis of compound libraries, lead compounds and intermediates enlarge. The Medicilon FTE department has a high-quality scientific research team, and executes the progress report of the subject according to relevant standards, focusing on timeliness. Click for details

In the early stages of new drug development, FTE (Full-time equivalent) is often used by drug discovery companies to synthesize the required structural fragments and/or potential candidate compounds to accelerate the drug screening process.

Medicilon provides comprehensive chemistry research services covering all stages of your project requirements, and customers can cooperate with us through the FFS (Fee for Service) or FTE (Full-time Equivalent Service) models. Medicilon FTE/FFS service scope covers medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry.

Customer cooperation needs

Work content:
FTE number and personnel composition requirements:
Price budget:
Charges for materials:
Expected start time:
Contract period:
other requirements

Medicilon provides customers with chemical FTE services including medicinal chemistry, compound library design and synthesis, synthetic chemistry, and synthetic process development. We can find problems in the scientific research process and communicate with customers in a timely manner, as well as solutions to solve problems. In addition, our FTE team can not only synthesize according to the synthetic circuit designed by the customer, but also provide customers with the concept of the customer. Synthetic lines.

  1. Commissioned synthesis
    The company can provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and scientific research institutions with a variety of different skeleton compounds, building blocks, control compounds and novel chemical reagents commissioned synthesis, the scale can be from milligrams to kilograms. In addition, we can also provide customers with large-scale production services of compounds through cooperation with manufacturers. Our efficient and professional project management team is the key to our success. We will carefully listen to customers’ opinions and needs, and give timely and effective feedback and improve our services.

  2. Design and synthesis of compound library
    The compound library service is dedicated to the design and synthesis of a wide range of small molecule compound libraries for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The design of the compound can be designed according to the customer’s own ideas, or according to our own knowledge or experience or molecular simulation technology. The compounds in the library are measured in milligrams, which can reach 80% purity or higher purity according to customer requirements (measured by liquid-mass spectrometry), that is, all compounds will be purified according to customer needs. We can selectively and randomly synthesize some representative compounds in the library. This can greatly reduce the total cost while maintaining the characteristics of the overall compound library. Practice has proved that this method is very effective and feasible. of. At the same time, our computational chemists can design specific compound libraries for specific target groups based on customer data and requirements.

  3. Medicinal Chemistry
    The focus of medicinal chemistry services is to modify the chemical structure of natural compound extracts, high-throughput screened compounds and designed fast-tracking compounds for identified therapeutic targets in order to improve their physical and chemical properties. We use modern organic synthesis techniques, including purification techniques and spectroscopic techniques, to effectively conduct structure-activity relationship studies. Our goal is to provide customers with the latest expertise in medicinal chemistry, help them develop the most promising molecules and advance the discovery and optimization of lead compounds.

  4. Block design and synthesis
    Synthetic blocks designed based on known new drug research trends, new drug design concepts, and computational chemistry have attracted close attention from major pharmaceutical companies around the world, especially in the development of new drugs and the development of lead compounds Optimization stage. We are gradually establishing a catalogue of novel synthetic blocks, new reagents and pharmaceutical intermediates for customers to choose from.

  5. Chemical process research and development services
    As a company focused on providing chemical services, we have all the necessary resources to provide process development services. Our process R&D personnel can carry out rapid process research and development in well-equipped laboratories, including synthesis route evaluation, reaction condition optimization and scale-up production. Our kilo-scale laboratory can provide compounds above kilo-scale. The following is our service content:

The target compounds are evaluated for known synthetic routes and the development of new synthetic routes.
Through our Atlas automatic synthesis system, we can conveniently optimize the reaction conditions to reduce costs while maximizing the yield.
Develop reliable testing and analytical methods for the analysis of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.
Perform ultra-low temperature reaction operation
Evaluation of key process parameters
Development of reliable analysis methods

Remarks: Medicilon is a preclinical outsourcing comprehensive project service organization, which can provide chemical FTE, biological FTE, pharmacotoxicity, drug safety evaluation, new drug research and development declarations at home and abroad, and comprehensive outsourcing projects. Contact us for details.

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