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Chemical synthesized peptide drugs

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Medicilon's peptide synthesis research team is closely focused on the topic of peptide drug research and is committed to solving the core problems that limit the development and application of peptide drugs. To improve the downstream peptide drug signal transduction pathways and mechanisms of action to improve the system. Through multi-disciplinary cooperation and intersections in chemistry, biology, medicine, and pharmacy, outstanding achievements have been made in basic and applied research.

Medicilon can undertake the synthesis of special reagents, intermediates and molecular fragments, preparation of standard products, synthesis design and preparation of impurities or metabolites, synthesis of stable isotope internal standards and synthesis of tritiated compounds.

 Peptide Drug Conjugate (PDC) R&D Service Platform

Medicilon relies on its strong drug innovation technology strength, integrates the company's internal superior resources, and joins forces among departments to build a platform for Medicilon's peptide drug conjugate (PDC) research and development into a technologically with advanced platform, complete supporting facilities and functions and standardized operation. It can form a comprehensive innovative drug research and development platform with integrated innovation capabilities, develop and provide key technologies, and can provide services such as the research and innovative peptide drugs, new peptide dosage forms, and peptide generic drugs.

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Chemical synthesized peptide drugs

Peptide Synthesis Service:

  • Standard chemical peptide synthesis

  • Peptide modification

  • Peptide library

  • Recombinant polypeptide expression

  • Pharmaceutical peptide synthesis

  • Structural modification

  • Nuclear magnetic structure analysis

  • function test

Peptide custom synthesis, peptide solid phase synthesis, synthetic peptide, biosynthetic peptide, genetic chemical synthesis

The development of peptide and protein drugs by chemical synthesis methods has become an effective method widely adopted. Through liquid phase synthesis, solid phase synthesis, solid/liquid synthesis combination and fragment connection, etc., many peptide and protein drugs have been successfully developed.

Peptide synthesis is the process of synthesizing polypeptides in organic chemistry. Polypeptides are organic compounds that are connected by multiple amino acids through peptide bonds. In biology, the process of synthesizing long polypeptides (proteins) is called protein biosynthesis. The synthesis of peptides is a process in which carboxyl groups (or C-terminus) and amine groups (or N-terminus) are paired with each other. Due to the possibility of unexpected reactions, protecting groups are necessary. The process of chemical peptide synthesis begins at the C-terminus and ends at the N-terminus of the peptide, whereas protein biosynthesis starts from the N-terminus and ends at the C-terminus of the polypeptide.

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