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CHN Elemental Analysis Service

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CHN analysis is short for carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen elements in compounds and materials. Elemental analysis on carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen is the most essential – and in many cases the only – investigation performed to characterize and/or prove the elemental composition of an organic sample. Numerous compounds include no additional elements besides C, H and N except oxygen, which is seldom determined separately.

As you might know, the composition of a compound is frequently expressed in terms of the percent by weight of each element contained in it. The empirical formula is the simplest whole-number ratio of atoms in a compound.

chn elemental analysis

CHN Analysis is a valuable tool in the research of organic compounds and materials with organic content.

Elemental analysis can be used to verify a compound’s empirical formula.

CHN Analysis determines the percent, by weight, of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen contained in a material. CHN Analysis is one of the most frequently used elemental analyses today.

Instrumental CHN Analysis provides a quick and inexpensive method to check sample purity and the empirical formula of organic compounds.

Elemental CHN analysis uses microchemical techniques to determine percent weight of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen with milligram amounts of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, petroleum products, polymers, inorganic and organometallic compounds in the liquid or solid state. It is a rapid, accurate, inexpensive composition and purity test and in conjunction with mass spectrometry and NMR data can be used to extrapolate the molecular structure of a compound.

The application of CHN testing is oil, coal and petroleum products, lubricants and derivatives, including pet-coke, heating fuel oil, gasoline, gas-oil, crude oil, coal, catalysts, and more.

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