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Comparison of E. coli and Insect Baculovirus Expression Systems

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Principle of Escherichia coli Expression System

The Escherichia coli expression system is an expression system that efficiently expresses genes encoding protective antigens of pathogenic microorganisms in Escherichia coli through DNA recombination technology. It is currently the most commonly used system for recombinant protein expression. The E. coli expression system has been studied earlier and has many advantages such as clear background, simple operation, and high expression. The expression level is significantly higher than that of mammalian expression systems, but it also has corresponding shortcomings. For example, the E. coli system cannot secrete the expressed protein outside the cell, the ability to form disulfide bonds is limited, and complex modifications of protein expression (such as Glycosylation, etc.).

Principle of Baculovirus Expression System

Insect baculovirus expression vector system is a recombinant protein production system that uses recombinant insect baculovirus carrying foreign target genes as a vector for expression and production in insects or insect cultured cells.

Since the cycle required by this system is much shorter than that of animal or plant systems, individual insects or their cultured cells can be used for large-scale expression production, and the production of recombinant protein is high. The post-translational processing of protein is better than that of bacterial and yeast production systems. Because the insect baculovirus has a restricted host range, it only infects insects of specific species and their cells, and has no ability to infect humans and animals and other vertebrates. Therefore, it is safer than mammals and their cultured cell production systems. Advantages and become one of the most effective eukaryotic expression systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Expression System

Escherichia coli expression system

Advantages Disadvantages Technical difficulties
The operation is simple, the cycle is short, the income is large, and the expression product is stable.Easy to form inclusion bodies;
The protein lacks post-translational modification;
How to realize the expression of a large number of soluble proteins;
How to realize glycosylation modification of protein.

Baculovirus Expression System

Advantages Disadvantages Technical difficulties
Carry out post-translational glycosylation modification of the protein.High cost, low protein expression, difficult to form seed batchesIncrease protein expression and reduce production costs.
Improve inter-batch stability.

Medicilon’s Baculovirus-insect Cell Expression Services Platform

Medicilon researchers establish a well-developed baculovirus-insect cell expression services platform. We provide the expression and purification services on preparation of recombinant baculovirus and recombinant protein. We have a good track record in producing kinase and recombinant protein complexes.


  • Generation of recombinant Bacmid DNA

  • Preparation of recombinant baculovirus

  • Titration of baculovirus

  • Protein expression verification and optimization

  • Small scale expression and purification of recombinant protein in insect cell

  • Scale up expression and purification of recombinant protein in insect cell

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