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❖ Contract Research Organization CRO

Contract Research Organization referred to as CRO, mainly provides drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical trials, and other new drug R&D contract research services for multinational pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical companies. Biomedical R&D outsourcing has gradually become an indispensable link in the pharmaceutical industry chain and plays a vital role in the industrial structure.

Medicilon is a Preclinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) company. With more than ten years of experience in preclinical research services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with customized preclinical services programs in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, efficacy studies, and toxicology. We provide our clients a high-quality data and a rapid turnaround time to support their drug development, preclinical studies, and clinical research and help them select the most valuable drug candidates for the clinical trials stage.

Medicilon's preclinical research services consist of three major parts: pharmacokinetics, disease transplantation models, and drug safety evaluation. Our preclinical research services cover all aspects, including design, in vivo studies, sample analysis, professional data analysis, IACUC review, and the preparation of application materials.

❖ Contract Manufacturing Organization CMO

Pharmaceutical CMO mainly accepts the entrustment of pharmaceutical companies to provide customized production services, process development, formulation development, clinical trial drugs, chemical or biosynthetic API production, intermediate manufacturing, preparation production (such as powder, injections), and packaging services.

❖ Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization CDMO

It is an institution that mainly provides multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies with customized R&D and production services such as process R&D and preparation, process optimization, scale-up production, registration and verification batch production, and commercial production of pharmaceuticals, especially innovative drugs.


The value chain extension of the CDMO industry is the future development direction of CMO enterprises.

Medicilon will plan to establish a CDMO service platform to engage in the research and development, process optimization, and large-scale production of new drugs in the preclinical and clinical research stages, newly marketed raw materials, generic drugs, and cGMP standard intermediates providing customers with chemical and drug production and control CMC solutions for integrated services.

Medicilon has constructed the GMP Drug Products Pilot Plant to meet the rising needs for innovative medicine R&D, production, packaging, inspections, and stability tests. We aim for qualified CDMO services for clients with requirements for developing innovative medicine.

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