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Medicilon's Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

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Medicilon offers  custom synthetic peptides services with a wide range of scales, purity levels, modifications and labeling, which allow you to get the highest performance in your research. Through our manufacturing and development of peptides, we strive to provide a range of unique services that are not only high quality, but beneficial for our customers such as in the development of antibodies, substrates and probing protein-protein interactions. Our synthesis services are cost effective through our efficiency and knowledge, ensuring only the highest quality available.

custom peptide synthesis

Medicilon relies on its strong drug innovation technology strength, integrates the company's internal superior resources, and joins forces among departments to build a platform for Medicilon's peptide drug conjugate (PDC) research and development into a technologically with advanced platform, complete supporting facilities and functions and standardized operation. It can form a comprehensive innovative drug research and development platform with integrated innovation capabilities, develop and provide key technologies, and can provide services such as the research and innovative peptide drugs, new peptide dosage forms, and peptide generic drugs.

The Medicilon peptide synthesis research team closely focuses on the theme of peptide drug research and is committed to solving the core issues that limit the development and application of peptide drugs. Currently, it has established the synthesis of upstream non-natural amino acid structural units, peptide drug modification, and large-scale synthesis, to a complete system for research on downstream peptide drug signal transduction pathways and mechanisms of action. Through multi-disciplinary cooperation and crossover in chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, etc., the team has achieved outstanding achievements in both basic and applied research.

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Peptides play a key role in many biochemical and immunological assays, including enzyme-substrate studies, blocking and competition assays, epitope mapping, T cell stimulation and many more. We bring you a custom peptide synthesis service that recognizes the importance of high quality reagents for these applications, delivered to you with a fast turnaround time and at excellent value.

We will help on design of peptides based on:
Blast database search for homology to the protein of interest and selection of the best region for peptide synthesis.
Protein antigenicity analysis.

Region hydrophilicity analysis.

Our peptide specialist will then choose a sequence with the best amino acid coupling efficiency.

Peptide Synthesis Services

Micro to macro high throughput peptide arrays and peptide library synthesis

Specialty peptide modifications

Polyepitope peptides

Ultra long peptides

Peptide content determination to confirm identity and insure quality

Full range of analyses including LC-MS (trap and/or quad), MALDI-MS, HPLC, AAA, NMR, CE, peptide sequencing

Most peptides are shipped in five to seven working days accompanied by a Quality Assurance certificate

Your Quality Assurance

We guarantee the quality of each and every peptide produced. All purified peptides will be delivered with the MS/HPLC reports.

HPLC(High-performance liquid chromatography): All peptides synthesized will be purified using a new HPLC system with fraction collection capability. The purity of your peptide will be authenticated by a comprehensive HPLC data report.

HPLC-custom peptide manufacturing

MS: To confirm the identity of the synthesized peptide, we use a state-of-the-art Mass-Mass Spectrometer system to determine the exact molecular weight of the peptide. A detail Mass Spec report will be included with the peptide products.

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Tel:  +86 021 58591500

Above is about peptide synthesis service, custom peptide synthesis price, peptide synthesis companies.  Contact us to discuss your needs for Customized Protein Expression Services.

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