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Drug Local Toxicity Test

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Local toxicity refers to the damaging effects of certain drugs directly caused by the contact parts of the body. It initially manifests as cell death at the site of direct contact. Mainly include irritation test, allergy test,  hemolysis test.

Irritation test: Irritation refers to the reversible inflammatory reaction to the administration site after the administration of the non-oral administration preparation. If the administration site produces irreversible tissue damage, it is called corrosiveness. The irritation test is to observe whether the blood vessels, muscles, skin, mucous membranes and other parts of animals cause local reactions such as redness, swelling, congestion, degeneration or necrosis after contact with the test substance.

Allergic test: also known as hypersensitivity reaction, refers to a specific immune response that is manifested as tissue damage or physiological dysfunction after the body is stimulated by the same antigen. It is an abnormal or pathological immune response.

Hemolysis test: refers to the hemolysis and red blood cell aggregation caused by pharmaceutical preparations. Hemolytic reactions include immune hemolysis and non-immune hemolysis.

Main Research Content:

Test TypeAnimal SpeciesType of DrugAdministration RouteResearch Content
Local origin:mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, beagle dogs,small molecules, biological, natural products, vaccines, Chinese medicinesOral: gavage, capsules; parenteral: intraperitoneal injection, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, skin Internal injection, subcutaneous injection, continuous infusion, intravitreal injection;others: nasal feeding, nasal cavity, eyes, rectum, vagina, implantationVascular irritation test; muscle irritation test; eye irritation test; skin irritation test; subcutaneous irritation test; nose drops, Inhalation irritation test; rectal and vaginal drug irritation test; skin photosensitivity test; active allergy test; passive allergy test; in vitro hemolysis test

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