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Elemental Analysis Service (ICP OES)

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Process Analytical Science

Our process analytical sciences group provides support for research, development and commercial production. For more details, please click the link Process Development Service.

At Medicilon, the importance of analytical support in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing is well understood. We provide our clients with analytical method development and all other services required to support their regulatory needs.

Services Offered

  • Analytical Method Development, Qualification and Validation For

    • Assay

    • Related Compounds

    • Water Content

    • Chiral Analysis

    • Residual Solvents

    • Trace Metals Analysis

  • IPC and Release Testing

  • Impurity Isolation and Structure Elucidation

  • Reference Standard Qualification

  • Stability Studies

  • PGI Method Development, Validation and Testing

  • Specification and Other Regulatory Filing Documentation Preparation

We have the following key instrumentation to support our analytical activities.

  • Chromatography: UPLC, HPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC-HS

  • Solid State Characterization: DSC, TGA, XRPD, PSD, Polarized Light Microscopy

  • Elemental Analysis: ICP-OES

  • Identification: NMR, FT-IR

  • General Testing: KF, UV-Vis, Polarimeter

Elemental analysis at Medicilon is accomplished through a variety of analytical methods which are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our research reactor is a unique tool, allowing us to offer a variety of neutron activation analysis techniques. In addition, we also offer a variety of ICP instrumentation (ICP-OES,ICP-MS,), as well as XRF capabilities. Because of our versatility in analytical methods, we can optimize your elemental characterization and quantification needs, providing outstanding sensitivities and limits of detection.  Medicilon is an experienced, fast and reliable laboratory that provides quality quantitative elemental analysis.

Elemental Analysis Service

ICP-OES is a trace-level and elemental analysis technique that uses the emission spectra of a sample to identify, and quantify the elements present.

Samples are introduced into the plasma in a process that ionises, desolvates and excites them. The constituent elements can be identified by their characteristic emission lines, and quantified by the intensity of the same lines.

Advantages of ICP-OES

– Large dynamic linear range
– Complementary analysis to techniques like XRF
– Simultaneous determination of multiple elements in each sample
– High sample throughput enabling the efficient analysis of large batches
– Low chemical and matrix interference effects

Other Elemental Analysis Method

Elemental CHN analysis uses microchemical techniques to determine percent weight of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen with milligram amounts of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, petroleum products, polymers, inorganic and organometallic compounds in the liquid or solid state. It is a rapid, accurate, inexpensive composition and purity test and in conjunction with mass spectrometry and NMR data can be used to extrapolate the molecular structure of a compound.

How to choose an elemental analysis system?

Since so many techniques fall under the umbrella of elemental analysis, selecting the appropriate technique can seem daunting, especially considering the considerable overlap of capabilities. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses regarding detection limits, sample throughput, and multi-sample capabilities, so start here to find the best choice for your sample and element:

1) What elements can this technique measure, and what sample states (liquid, solid, gas)?
2) How many elements can be analyzed?
3) How many samples per day?
4) What’s the lowest analytical concentration range?
5) What about the detection limit?

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Tips : Above is part of Elemental analysis service, Elemental analysis laboratories and icp-oes analysis . You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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