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Enzyme Activity Assay

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   Enzyme Preparation Testing Principle

Enzyme preparation uses the enzyme-specific characteristics of the substrate, the use of high-purity substrate, specifically to detect a certain enzyme preparation of the substrate degradation, and then determine the product content (spectrophotometer).

Standard Curve: By using the standard curve of its high purity product, the corresponding product content was determined by reading the spectrophotometer, and then the enzyme activity was calculated.

Enzyme preparation refers to the extraction of biological characteristics of a class of substances; the main role is to catalyze the food processing process of various chemical reactions, improved food processing methods. China has approved six kinds of papain, α-amylase preparation, refined pectinase, and β-glucase. Enzyme preparation from the biological, it is generally safe, can be appropriate used according to the production needs. Detection of enzyme preparation product quality commonly used indicators are generally enzyme activity, but not the only indicator.  Medicilon provides enzyme preparation testing, including enzyme activity, routine indicators (water, particle size, etc.) and health indicators (total number of colonies, E. coli, Salmonella, etc.).

Medicilon Biology Department has rich experience in the field of in vitro biology, and offers a complete set of biological services including enzyme level measurement, cell level measurement, cell biology, biochemistry, isotope measurement in vitro, establishment of stable cell lines, gene knockout, RNAi and MicroRNA technology.

Detectable Enzyme Preparation Products:

Medicilon has a variety of enzyme preparation services: lipase, xylenes, disproportionate, cellulase, hemicellulase, protease, β-glucanase, urease, glucoamylase, phytase, starch enzymes, pectinase, papain, alpha-amylase preparations, refined pectinase, glucoamylase, lipase, keratinase and the like.

Chemical solutions

Chemical solutions mixed and arranged as rainbow

Protein Activity Detection

Routine protein quality analysis methods include SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis analysis, endotoxin detection and control, enzyme activity testing (endpoint and kinetic curves), cell-based protein activity analysis and the like.

Enzyme Activity Test Service:
i) Shorter Detection Cycle – to help customers quickly get accurate test results
ii) Lower Testing Costs – a reasonable fee system to reduce customer testing service costs
iii) More Complete Detection Program – to provide customers with one-stop testing and analysis services
iv) High Quality After-Sales Service – to help customers solve the technical post-service questions

v) Common Method for Determination of Enzyme Activity

The enzyme activity assay is usually carried out by means of laboratory analysis, which can be used to screen high quality enzyme preparations, determine the optimal formulation of the compound enzyme preparation and the optimal addition of the product. The enzyme preparation laboratory evaluation technique is the most widely used feed manufacturers a method. Its operation is relatively simple; the detection time is short, easy to practice the application of production.

Although the results of enzyme activity cannot fully reflect the use of enzymes, but by detecting at least you can avoid the use of poor quality enzyme preparations. At present, the methods of measuring enzyme activity are as follows: 1, colorimetric method 2, viscosity method 3, immunological method 4, gel diffusion method 5, turbid metric method 6, and in vitro simulated digestion.

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