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Flow Cytometry Test Services

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What is Flow Cytometry?

  • Flow – refers to a fluid stream

  • Cyto – refers to a cell

  • metry – refers to measurement.


The Flow Cytometry department performs a wide variety of testing which includes immunophenotyping of cells used for the diagnosis of leukemia/lymphoma, CD4 counts for persons living with HIV/AIDS, platelet antibodies and platelet reticulocytes.

Flow Cytometry Services

Flow Cytometry Services including:

  • Immunophenotyping

  • Cell Viability

  • Cell Cycle Analysis

  • Apoptosis

    1. Annexin V

    2. Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

    3. Cytochrome C

    4. Intracellular Calcium Change

    5. Caspase Activity

    6. DNA Fragmentation

  • Cell Tracking and Proliferation

  • Fluorescent Protein Measurement

  • Intracellular Measurements: Cytokines, Transcription Factors, Phosphoproteins

  • Purification of any fluorescently tagged cells in a complex mixture based on target specificity for further research

  • Cloning and Purification of Cells on Multi-Well Plates, Hybridoma Sorting

  • Isolating Cells for Functional Analysis, Protein Analysis

  • Purify Cells for Transplantation into Laboratory Animals

  • General Enrichment of Cells

  • Sorting for PCR Analysis

Protocols Are Available For:

  • Direct staining of cells applicable where the fluorophore is directly linked to the primary antibody

  • Indirect staining of cells applicable when using unconjugated or biotin-conjugated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

  • Intracellular staining methods for intracellular antigens and cytokines

  • DNA Staining for Cell Cycle Analysis

  • Cell Preparation

Medicilon scientists have wealth of knowledge and experience in using flow cytometry to tackle important assay development and research challenges in both genetic toxicology and high-throughput screening.

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