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Medicilon Flow Sorting Platform

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Based on the technical basis of flow cytometry, the Medicilon flow sorting platform is widely used in scientific research and work in immunology, cell biology, oncology, hematology, drug development, and environmental testing.

Medicilon flow cytometry team has extensive experience in experimental operation, flow sorting method development and data analysis.  The platform is equipped with a SONY flow cell sorter, which can enable sorting of up to 6 colors at the same time, and statisfy the special scientific research and sorting needs of clients.

#1 Cell Sorting

Cell sorting is a technology that separates a specific cell subgroup from a mixed cell sample according to the characteristics of the cells, and is an important topic in cytology research.

When it is necessary to perform functional analysis on a specific cell, researches such as cell molecules analyzed by ELISA, cell co-culture and detection of cell function are based on the premise of obtaining high-purity target cells.

#2 Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometric sorting is based on the detection of cell phenotypes by flow cytometry, using charge sorting technology to achieve the separation of a variety of specific phenotype cells.  It has the advantages of multiple sorting parameters, multiple groups, high purity, and strong flexibility.  After sorting, cells can be used for further biological research such as single-cell sequencing.

#3 Instruments and Equipment

SONY Flow Cytometer SH800

It has fully automatic adjustment of the optical axis of the laser beam and electronic timing functions for cell sorting, eliminating the need for complex settings and adjustments.  It is convenient to set up, which can significantly improve the work efficiency of researchers.

Using the newly developed plastic cell sorting chip, chips with different nozzle diameters are easy to be replaced and installed.  The chips can be selected according to the type and size of the cells to be tested to meet the needs of different projects.

Equipped with software with a user interface, it is easy to operate, and can objectively and quickly analyze the information of each cell.

#4 Sorting Pattern Diagram

 Sorting Pattern Diagram-1.webp

 Sorting Pattern Diagram-2.webp

#5 Medicilon Case Study

NK Cell GFP Positive Sorting

NK Cell GFP Positive Sorting.webp     K562 GFP Positive Sorting  

K562 GFP Positive Sorting.webp

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