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Gene Knockout Technology Service Company

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The Medicilon gene knockout service has been successfully applied to model organisms such as cells, yeast, plants, zebrafish, mice, and rats. Gene knock-out is a technique for the targeted integration of foreign genes into a certain location on the genome of target cells through homologous recombination to achieve the purpose of targeted modification of a gene on a chromosome. It overcomes the blindness and chance of random integration, and is an ideal method to modify and transform biological genetic material.

Gene knockout service

  • 1. CRISPR/Cas9  gene knockout mouse technical service

Technical process: gRNA vector construction =>”gRNA and Cas9 transcribed into mRNA in vitro => “mRNA microinjection (produced by F0 model)

Provide the following technical services:

  •     All-inclusive services from gRNA vector construction to F0 model production

  •     Customers provide Cas9 RNA and gRNA that meet quality requirements for subsequent microinjection and model production

Gene knockout service.png
  • 2. Traditional ES target gene knockout/knock-in mouse technical service

Technical process: Targeting vector design and construction => “ES electrotransfer and positive clone screening => “ES microinjection and chimera preparation =>”F1 generation mouse reproduction and identification

Provide the following technical services: complete gene knockout mice, conditional gene knockout mice, gene knock-in mice

What is a knockout mice model?

After knocking out one or more of all the 30,000 genes in the mouse, the cultured mouse becomes an animal model suitable for drug clinical trials, which can imitate human patients for research and treatment. For example, there is a key link in pharmaceutical research and development, which is animal experiments. In order to study drugs for treating cancer, a mouse model of cancer is required; in order to study diabetes, a mouse model of diabetes is required.

knockout mouse steps
knockout mouse steps

How do you make a knockout mouse?

  1. 1.Obtaining ES cells

  2. 2.Construction of gene vector

  3. 3.Introduction of the target gene

  4. 4.Screen the hit cells with selective medium

  5. 5.By observing the changes in the biological shape of the chimeric mice and then understanding the changes in the biological shape of the mice before and after the change of the target gene, the purpose of studying the target gene is achieved.

Application areas of gene knockout

  1. 1.Establish a transgenic animal model of human diseases to provide materials for medical esearch

  2. 2.Transform animal genotypes, identify new genes and/or their new functions, and study developmental biology

  3. 3.Treatment of genetic diseases

  4. 4.Transform organisms and cultivate new biological varieties

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