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Custom Gene Synthesis Companies

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Gene synthesis is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to molecular cloning for custom gene production, where the DNA is manufactured by assembling strings of oligos together.Gene synthesis is the process of chemically synthesizing double-stranded DNA molecules in vitro. The main concept of gene synthesis is to assemble custom oligos into long DNA molecules. For mote detail ,please click the link, discovery biology services or contact us.

gene synthesis service

We offer a custom gene synthesis service that save researchers time and money by constructing, cloning and sequencing genes. Sequence information is always secure and confidentiality is protected.

Gene Synthesis Service

Full Service — One-stop from sequence design, Optimization and synthesis, to cloning, verification by sequencing and restriction digestion, and plasmid preparation.

Fast Turnaround.

Advanced Technologies — Our bioinformatics platform optimizes your desired sequences for better expression tailored to your specific needs.


Consultation & Support — Our Ph.D. scientists customize the approach to your exact specifications and support you throughout the entire project.


Competitive Pricing — Save time and reduce costs relative to in-house cloning, so that you can focus on your next discovery.

Advantages of Gene Synthesis

Absolute Confidentiality: Your gene sequence will be kept completely confidential. If needed, we will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement stating that we will not use or disclose the sequence of your gene to a third party for any reason.

High Quality: Synthetic gene sequences will be confirmed base-by-base using automated directional fluorescent DNA sequencing, and we guarantee 100% match with your requested sequence.


Flexibility of the Service: We can synthesize almost any gene or cDNA, including complex sequences, such as sequences with a high GC content, highly repetitive sequences, etc.

Custom Quantities: If required, we can supply large quantities of plasmid or DNA fragment according to customer’s need.

Application Examples of Gene Synthesis

– Codon optimization to boost protein expression
– Replace PCR cloning
– Large-scale production of cDNA fragments for microarray chip
– Clone humanized mouse antibodies or recombinant antibodies
– Synthesize cDNAs for which the corresponding mRNA sources are difficult to obtain
– Synthesize predicted genes/cDNAs
– Synthesize genes or cDNAs that are difficult to clone
– Synthesize alternatively spliced gene variants, SNPs, or any other variant type
– Design gene therapy vector or genes
– Design DNA vaccines
– Design your own genes/cDNAs (deletion, mutation, and rearrangement etc.)
– Modify your gene for structure-function studies in enzymology and receptor biology


Contact Us 

Email :
Tel : +86 021 58591500

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