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Abnormal Result Caused by Hemolysis of Blood Samples

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⑴ Influence on biochemical results: Specimen hemolysis is the most common interference and influencing factor in clinical biochemical tests. Hemolysis has an impact on a considerable part of biochemical testing items. Among them, total bilirubin (TBIL), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), total protein (TP), and albumin (ALB) are significantly increased after hemolysis; significant after hemolysis The items that are reduced include glucose (GLU), creatinine (CKEA) and so on. The reason for the analysis is that after hemolysis, the higher content of enzymes in red blood cells (AST, etc.) are released into the serum, thereby increasing the activity of these enzymes in the serum.

Hemolysis Assay

(2) Impact on the test results of hepatitis virus: hemolysis can cause false positive test results. Some authors have reported that when red blood cells with a concentration greater than 25% undergo rupture and hemolysis, it can lead to false positives in the detection of hepatitis B virus surface antigen.

⑶ Impact on HIV antibody testing: According to the research on 100 specimens of HIV-Ab test results (OD value), it was found that 92% of hemolyzed specimens had OD values higher than the corresponding non-hemolyzed specimens. Hemolysis can be Increase the OD value of anti-HIV test results by an average of 0.011, which may cause false positive test results.

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