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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Services

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By providing the high quality immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) services to customers for many years, Medicilon will give you the best and the most comprehensive service in regular and customized immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence services. Our lab is equipped to work with all types of tissue, as well as developing IHC and scoring methods for all types of projects and questions. The expert scientists and technicians of the Medicilon laboratories have developed techniques and methodologies to accomodate a broad spectrum of objectives.

ihc services


Complete Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Custom Services Include:

  • Optimization of Tissue Fixation Process: This includes selection of suitable fixative agent and determine the optimal  incubation time with the fixative.

  • Optimization of Antigen Retrieval Conditions: We are using detergent, enzymatic, or microwave retrieval methods to expose target antigen to the antibody.

  • Titration of  the primary antibody concentration and adjustment of the experimental conditions of the immunostaining.

  • Interpretation of  immunostaining results by our experts scientists.

  • Image and quantitative analysis of immunostaining if requested by the investigator. 

  • Sending high quality digital images.


The method aiming to detect tissue antigens (proteins, glycoproteins and lipoproteins) with specific in situ immundetection. (In broader aspect the in situ detection of DIG and biotinylated probes with specific antibody is also belong to this category).

Main Methodical Steps of Immunohistochemistry

  • Tissue or (cell) fixation

  • Antigen unmasking

  • Blocking

  • Selection of appropriate detection signals

  • Parallel detection of more antigens

  • Background staining

  • Controls

When do we need IHC?

In clinic:
To compare level of expression between

• non-treated / treated
• healthy / sick tissue

To identify markers relative to disease status

• diagnostic
• prognostic

  Medicilon Immunohistochemistry Services


When do we need IHC?

In research:
To localize newly identified proteins in

• Control / experimental tissue  

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Tel : +86 021 58591500

Tips : Above is part of immunohistochemistry services ,ihc lab test services . You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.


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