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Laboratory equipment for molecular biology services

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The main instruments used in molecular biology services include gel imaging systems, autoclaves and other instruments. The Medicilon molecular biology department has professional technical staff and advanced equipment, which is the most suitable for molecular outsourcing experiments.

1. Gel imaging system

Technical Parameters:

1. Professional high-definition black and white CCD, patented CCD horizontal technology.

Effective image number: 1280×1024 (1.31 million)

Image size: 4.65×4.65um

Acquisition digits: 10bit

Signal to noise ratio: 60dB

Lens: All imported Japanese electric 6 times zoom F1.02/3 inch large diameter high pass lens head

Interface: USB2.0

2. The new chassis design, using a unique plexiglass material, followed by the four-side sealed magnetic stripe design of chemiluminescence level, can effectively reduce the background noise of shooting.

3. Orbital ultraviolet transmission table, maximum transmission area 21*26cm, ultraviolet transmission wavelength: 312nm

4. Uniform cold light source white light board, suitable for protein glue, colony counting, etc., size: 20*28cm

5. Ultraviolet automatic protection device: automatically turn off the ultraviolet light source when taking samples.

6. LED white light reflector lamp with long service life (cold light)

Application: Genescope full-featured control analysis software, which can take and analyze DNA/RNA, protein electrophoresis images, fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging, various hybridization membrane images, clone counting, autoradiography, and enzyme plate spot hybridization images;

Gel imaging system

2. Autoclave

Technical Parameters:

1. Volume 50L

2. Power supply 220V

3. Power 3.5KW

4. Design volume of sterilization chamber Φ350×520

5. Weight 80kg

6.Volume (mm) 600×580×1250

Application: With the help of the heat released by steam, the chemical bonds, especially hydrogen bonds, of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acid molecules in microbial cells are destroyed, causing irreversible denaturation, causing the death of microorganisms, and thus achieving the effect of sterilization.

3. Multipurpose horizontal electrophoresis apparatus

Technical Parameters:

1. The gel tray with high temperature resistance, UV penetration, and fluorescent scale is not deformed at a high temperature of 100°C, and there is no need to dry the agarose to warm and refill the glue;

2.96-well PCR electrophoresis: special tray can run 100 samples at a time; 25 teeth comb and 4 thickened preparation combs each

3. Special ear-shaped structure, easy to access the gel tray

4. A variety of gel trays are available: 120×120mm; 120×60mm; 60×120mm; 60×60mm

5. With a comb suitable for all needs, supports 8 and 12 gang gun loading, 4 kinds of thickness, 8 kinds of teeth

6. The main body is thickened polycarbonate injection molding, high transparency, which greatly prolongs the life of the electrophoresis instrument

7. Active electrode holder and plug, 0.25mm thick platinum wire, to ensure the stability of the experiment

8. There are two types of transparent cover: safety type and opening type (optional)

9. Glue making area: 120×120mm; 120×60mm; 60×120mm; 60×60mm

10. Comb specifications: 0.75mm: 6+6 teeth/13 teeth, 8+11 teeth/18 teeth;

1.0mm: 11+11 teeth/25 teeth

1.5mm: 1+6 teeth/13 teeth

2.0mm: 2+2 teeth/3 teeth

11. Dimensions: 35×15×10cm

12. Withstand voltage: 300V current: 200mA power: 100w

Application: Suitable for identification, analysis, preparation of DNA and determination of its molecular weight.

4. Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Apparatus

Technical Parameters:

1. Available in two length gel sizes: 83×97mm extended type, 83×73mm mini type. The extended gel is suitable for SSCP and EMSA to separate nucleic acid small molecular weight fragments, and has extremely high detection sensitivity;

2. Advantages of in-situ glue filling: Equipped with a patented oblique cam glue making device, which can achieve glue filling on the electrophoresis core; after the gel is made, there is no need to move the glass plate, which avoids possible errors caused by movement;

3. Electrophoresis comb: 1.0mm thick, 9, 10, 15, 18 teeth (standard); 0.75mm thick, 10, 15 teeth; 1.5mm thick, 10, 15 teeth;

4. There is a space of 1cm at the bottom of the tank, and a magnetic rod can be placed for stirring to make the buffer temperature and ionic strength uniform and the electrophoresis results more accurate;

5. The glass plate is frosted on all four sides, and the notch is ground in an arc shape;

6. Special electrophoresis comb will not inhibit the gel polymerization reaction, and can avoid contact with air to ensure the homogeneity of polymerization;

7. Guide way of loading to avoid omission or repeated loading;

8. The positive electrode structure of the electrode is V-shaped design, there are bubbles on both sides, no bubbles will remain during electrophoresis, which ensures the full contact between the electrode and the buffer;

9. Excellent heat dissipation, supports 300V fast electrophoresis, which not only avoids the embarrassment of the user-made “ice basin” cooling, but also avoids the “smiley face” phenomenon of the gel band;

10. Strong and durable thick platinum (∮0.25mm)

11. Equipped with a reducing plate, the volume of buffer can be adjusted according to the needs of the experiment;

12. Equipped with multi-function prying ruler.

Application: Mainly used for protein gel electrophoresis.

5. Ultra-pure water machine

Technical Parameters:

1. Inlet water source: city tap water: TDS<200ppm, 5-45℃, 1.0-4.0Kg/cm2

2. Application: molecular biology and life sciences, animal cell and plant cell culture, tissue culture, IVF, electrophoresis, gel analysis medium preparation

3. One machine for two purposes: RO water and ultra-purified water can be prepared at the same time

4. Ultrapure water index: resistivity: 18.2MΩ-cm; heavy metal ion:<0.1ppb; TOC (total organic carbon): <10ppb; heat source/endotoxin: <0.001eu particulate="" matter="">0.22μm):<1/ml; microorganisms/bacteria: <1CFU/ml; TDS (RO water): <10ppm*

5. Instant water intake>1.8L/min

6. System water production (25℃): 15L/H

7. Water storage bucket configuration: equipped with 15 liter injection bucket

8. Overall dimensions/weight: length×width×height: 50×36×54cm/about 22Kg

9. Power supply: 220V/50HZ, power: 120W

10. Fully automatic microcomputer control system, multi-level menu-type operation, large backlit LCD liquid crystal screen, resolution up to: 240*128, full-time real-time animated work mode display.

12. Online 3-way water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of source water, RO water and ultra-pure water quality.

13. Fully automatic RO membrane anti-flushing and washing procedure to prolong the service life of RO membrane.

14. No water alarm, water full alarm, source water, RO water, ultra-pure water (parameters can be set at will) over-standard alarm, end-of-life alarm for consumables, automatic fault detection, and safety guarantee.

15. Special factory and customer secondary passwords, system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes.

16. The life of pretreatment, RO membrane, UV lamp and ultra-purification column can be set to show that the consumables have been used and the remaining time. When the consumables are due to be replaced, it will automatically remind to avoid the deterioration of water quality.

17. The function of qualitative water intake at specific settings (timing: 1-99min; qualitative: 0.1-18.2MΩ-cm).

18. Two working modes, work and get off work, switch at will to ensure sufficient water supply.

19. Integrated plastic molding chassis, ergonomic design, compound GLP specifications.

20. Optional RS232/USB interface, automatically record water quality data for a whole year, and the whole machine complies with GLP.

21. All pipelines have been certified by NSF. The new quick-plug connector makes filter column replacement and maintenance more convenient.

22. The original ultra-long life composite KDF pre-filter column can be realized without replacement for 1 year, and the operating cost is reduced.

23. RO membranes produced by Dow or CSM in the United States have realized the combination of long life of RO membranes and high-quality water quality.

24. Original imported nuclear grade resin, 4-column full-sag flow ultra-purified column design, always guarantee top water quality.

25. MWCO5000DUF ultrafiltration module (original imported) can effectively remove endotoxin (ie heat source), and can be used for precise cell culture and IVF.

26. (0.45+0.1)µm imported PES polyethersulfone composite filter membrane terminal sterilization filter to ensure that the water quality is absolutely sterile.

27. Standard configuration: host (including 1 set of purification column) + end filter + 15L water tank.

Application: Used for washing experimental vessels, preparing microbial culture medium, preparing chemical and biochemical reagents, preparing buffers, etc.

6. ultra-low temperature refrigerator

Technical Parameters:

1. Adopt the unique refrigeration circuit with Chinese independent intellectual property rights and the refrigeration technology of single-stage oil-lubricated compressor (Chinese invention patent number: ZL00136709.9, ZL00267777.6)

2. The unique secondary foaming technology is used to effectively prevent the low temperature damage of the insulation layer and achieve the international leading insulation effect

3. 150mm super thick insulation layer, good insulation effect; Spain imported Elctrolux international famous brand high efficiency compressor

4. German Ebm international famous brand fan motor.

5. Cutting-edge control technology: high-precision computer temperature control system, platinum resistance sensor

6. The temperature inside the box can be set freely within the range of -40℃-86℃

7. Digital temperature display, the operation status is clear at a glance

8. Keyboard lock and password protection function to prevent random adjustment of operating parameters

9. Perfect sound and light alarm system (high temperature, low temperature, low battery, door opening, filter clogging, system failure) to ensure safe storage of items in the box

10. Optional temperature recording printer function and backup battery; optional alarm lights and remote centralized alarm function.

·11. Humanized design: the door is self-locking and easy to open

12. Security door lock to prevent random opening

13. The double-layer door design inside and outside, lock the air-conditioning, good thermal insulation effect

14. Total effective volume (L): 388

15. Storage temperature: -10℃~-86℃

16. Output power (W): 1800

17. Overall dimensions (depth×width×height): 940×840×1999

18. Weight (Kg): 320

19. Climate type: N

20. Cooling method: direct cooling

21. Weight (kg): 320

Application: It can be used for scientific research, freezing biological samples such as red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, biological products, etc.

7. Ultrasonic Cell Crusher

Technical Parameters:

1. Working frequency: 20-25KHz, automatic frequency tracking

2. Ultrasonic power: 650W adjustable

3. Random horn: Φ6 or Φ8

4. Optional horn: Φ2, Φ3, Φ10

5. Crushing capacity: 0.5-500ml

6. Duty cycle: 1-99%

7. Power supply: 220/110±5%

Application: It is used for the crushing of various animals, plants, cells and tissues. It can also be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization and extraction.

8. Constant temperature shaker

Technical Parameters:

1. Control method: P. I. D (Microcomputer environment scanning microprocessing chip)

2. Display mode: LCD (liquid crystal display)

3. Convection method: forced convection

4. Oscillation mode: gyroscopic oscillation

5. Drive mode: track drive

6. Ambient temperature requirement ℃: 5~25

7. Temperature adjustment range (℃): 4~60

8. Temperature adjustment accuracy (℃): ±0.1

9. Temperature uniformity (℃): ±1

10. Range of swing frequency (r/min): 30~400

11. Swing frequency accuracy (r/min): ±1

12. Shaking plate oscillation amplitude (mm): Φ24, 32, 38, 50 adjustable in four gears

13. Timing range (h): 0~500

14. Shaking plate size (mm): 400*370

15.Number of rocking plates (blocks): 1

16.Gross weight (kg): 132

17. Dimensions (mm): 730*685*555

18.Power (W): 700

19. Power supply: AC220V50/60Hz

Application: Widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme, cell tissue research, etc., which have high requirements on temperature and oscillation frequency.

9. ice machine

Technical Parameters:

1. Ice-making capacity (kg/24h): 40

2. Ice storage capacity (kg): 15

3. Condensation method: air cooling

4. Water consumption (L/H): ≤1.6

5. Compressor/refrigerant: imported fluorine-free/R134a

6. Cabinet shell: stainless steel

7. Input power (w): 280

8. Gross weight (Kg): 45

9. ice type: irregular fine particles of snowflake crushed ice

Application: It is used in universities and research laboratories to make ice cubes required for low temperature preservation.

10. biological safety cabinet

Technical Parameters:

1. 30% efflux, 70% circulation

2. Inflow air velocity: ≥0.53m/s, descending air velocity: ≥0.35m/s

3. ULPA ultra-efficient air filter: American AAF brand, for particle diameter 0.12um, filtration efficiency ≥99.9995%

4. Use the ATI leak scanner to carry out the filter integrity test no less than 2 times before leaving the safety cabinet, and provide a report

5. Online real-time monitoring and bar code display of the service life of the high-efficiency filter, with the sound and light alarm function of filter failure, to ensure the safety of the experiment, and provide certification documents

6. Adopt imported brand high-performance single fan design, automatic adjustment of wind speed, low failure rate and low noise

7. A high-sensitivity and high-precision thermal micro-wind speed sensor is equipped in the work area and the outer exhaust air outlet respectively, real and real-time detection of wind speed safety

8. The display panel can display real-time temperature, airflow velocity/flow rate, filter membrane life, cumulative running time and other information in real time

9. Temperature sensor: It can detect and display the temperature of the work area in real time, and monitor the operation of the fan and the safety status of the operation area.

10. The front window adopts manual lifting method, and the safety position is ±5mm upper and lower limit sound and light alarm device

11. The three side walls of the work area are integrally formed, 304 stainless steel, and the double side walls form negative pressure protection

12. The groove design on the front side of the operation table, without the need to rest the hand, to avoid the arm or other objects blocking the air vent during operation

13. The area of the liquid collecting tank is not less than the area of the workbench, there is no support frame between the liquid collecting tank and the worktable surface, the material is 304 stainless steel, and there is a sewage valve, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection

14. The humanized design of 10 degree inclination angle improves the operator’s operating comfort in front of the safety cabinet

15. The front window glass door adopts 6mm safety toughened glass, which has good functions of explosion-proof, shatterproof and ultraviolet protection.

16. Before leaving the factory, they are tested by strict pressure decay method: pressurized to 500Pa, and the air pressure is not lower than 450Pa after 30min.

17. Pass the strict KI-Discus potassium iodide method personnel protection test, the protection factor of the front window operation port is not less than 1×105

18. Safety performance guarantee: with interlocking system of ultraviolet system, fluorescent lamp and front window; with low wind speed alarm function; with front window position offset alarm function; with front window side wall anti-turbulence system to avoid leakage;

19. Through the professional linkage control chip, linked with the exhaust system of the purification project, it can provide cut-off valves, fans, etc., and automatic control

20. Can be equipped with activated carbon filter device with failure alarm and real-time display of service life on the panel

21. Power supply inside the cabinet: double waterproof socket design, the whole machine has power-off protection function

22. Noise is about 63 dB

23. Dimensions (width × depth × height): 1023×800×2260mm

Internal dimensions of work area (width × depth × height): 900×600×678mm

24. Working area illumination 800-1100lux

25. The product has good quality assurance. The manufacturer has obtained the latest and effective YY0569-2005 industry standard medical device registration certificate. The brand has obtained EN12469 (GS certification) or NSF49 certification, ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, and foreign certification agencies. CE certification.

Application: The biological safety cabinet can effectively intercept live microorganism particles and dust particles, and can be widely used in high-risk situations such as biology and virus testing. In order to achieve effective protection of personnel, operating objects and laboratory environment.

11. Electronic Balance

Technical Parameters:

1. Bipolar integrated sensor

2. Quadruple intelligent digital filtering

3. Automatic external calibration system

4. Full temperature compensation

5. Fully automatic fault diagnosis

6. Specially made pure aluminum windshield back plate, comprehensively enhance the anti-static ability of the balance

7. Overload protection

8. Application: counting, animal weighing, percentage weighing, net weight/sum formula calculation, unit conversion

9. High contrast LCD

10. Two-way RS-232 data interface

11. Tactile feedback buttons to ensure accurate and effective operation

12. Range (g): 110

13. Readability (g): 0.0001

14. Repeatability (standard deviation) (g): 0.0001

15. Linearity error (±g): 0.0002

16. Accuracy level Ⅰ

17. Calibration: Automatic external calibration

18. Dimensions of weighing pan (mm): diameter 90

19. Space above the weighing pan (mm): 180

10. Overall dimensions (width×height×length) (mm): 196×287×320

Application: It can be used for precise measurement and analysis in scientific research institutions, laboratories and laboratories in colleges and universities.

12. pH meter

Technical Parameters:

1. Automatic 1 key calibration, fully automatic display electrode slope and use status

2. Fully automatic temperature compensation

3. Three groups of 16 kinds of calibration fluids automatically recognize and memorize

4. Simultaneous display of pH, temperature and buffer, large LED display

5. Automatic 3-point calibration

6. The measurement results can be displayed in two ways, pH and mV, and can be switched directly by pressing the button

7. Automatically determine whether the displayed value is stable through the logo

8. Standard 3-in-1 electrode,

9. pH measurement range: 0.00~14.00

10. pH resolution: 0.01

11. pH accuracy: 0.01

12. mV measurement range: ±1500.0mV

13. mV resolution: ±0.1mV

14. mV accuracy: ±0.4mV

15. Calibration point (maximum): 3

16. Temperature range: -5.0~105.0˚C

17. Resolution: 0.1˚C

18. Accuracy: 0.2˚C

Application: Used in laboratory to accurately determine the pH value of a solution.

13. Desktop electric constant temperature blast drying oven

Technical Parameters:

1. Temperature range: RT+10℃~300℃

2. Constant temperature fluctuation: ±1℃

3. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

4. Controller: LED digital display P, I, D+S, S, R. Microcomputer integrated controller

5. Timing range: 1~9999min

6. Circulation system: high temperature and low noise motor. Multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel

7. Safety protection: leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, overcurrent protection

8. In (out) air volume function: manual adjustment knob

9. Power supply voltage: AC220V50Hz

10. Liner size: 550×450×550mm

Application: For scientific research units for drying, baking and melting wax, sterilization.

14. Rat treadmill

Technical Parameters:

1. Rotation speed: 5-40 revolutions per minute, adjusting step length 1 revolution

2. Excitation voltage: DC square wave 100V is not adjustable

3. Current limit: 0.20~2.5mA adjustment step 0.01mA

4. Shock tolerance time setting: 1~10 seconds adjustment step length 1 second

5. Setting range of exhaustive test index:

1) Allow the animal to rest for 30-600 seconds each time, and adjust the step length by 1 second.

2). Running condition (exhaustion) judgment condition: (0-255) minutes, (0-255) times of enduring the longest electric shock

6. Instrument control: The instrument is controlled by a PC, with man-machine dialogue, clear interface, and simple operation. It can control up to 32 channels of runners at the same time, which can be operated simultaneously or individually.

7. The control interface can simultaneously display the running time, running distance, number of electric shocks and rest times of each channel.

8. The data can be exported in the form of EXCEL file, which is convenient for statistics, analysis and archiving.

Runner material: Made of polycarbonate and ABS engineering plastics, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and long service life.

9. Power box: input AC voltage 220V and output power 145W. (Each power box supports 8 channels of electricity)

10. Overall volume of single channel: 450mm×240mm×500mm

11. Runner size: outer diameter 450mm inner diameter 300mm wide 65mm

12. Runway size: width 65mm height 75mm arc length 650mm

13. Single channel weight: 5.5kg

Application: Used to carry out exercise intervention experiments on rats.

15. mouse wheel fatigue tester

Technical Parameters:

1. Rotation speed range: 10~50 rpm, adjust step size 1 rpm

2. Stimulation current: 0.2~2mA, adjustment step 0.01mA

3. Channel setting: 1~8

4. Single channel width: 40mm

5. Shock tolerance time: 1.5~5 seconds, adjustable step length 0.1 seconds

6. Experimental setting time: 1 minute to 9 hours and 59 minutes, or not set

7. Parameter setting with exhaustion

8. With setting channel automatic power off and stop function

9. Comes with a micro printer with automatic printing and manual printing functions

10. With PC interface, can control the host

11. With running difficulty adjustment board

12. The whole is removable

13. Power supply voltage: AC200~230V, 50Hz

14. Maximum power: 12W

15. Maximum dimensions: length 560mm, width 450mm, height 260mm

16. Weight: 20kg

Application: Used to carry out sports fatigue experiments on mice.

16. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Technical Parameters:

1. Control accuracy: the number of revolutions can be set from 200rpm to the highest number of revolutions, increasing by 10rpm;

2. The maximum capacity of the rotor is 4x250ml;

3. Temperature range: -9~40℃; the temperature can be kept at<4℃ at the highest speed

4. Automatically search for rotor-specific data, so its automatic rotor recognition function can prevent ultra-centrifugation and meet the current safety standards for unbalanced shutdown function;

5. The patented compressor frequency modulator and airflow regulator greatly reduce the vibration of the instrument during operation, which is not only conducive to centrifuging the sample itself, but also reducing the generation of noise;

6. The control panel is composed of a large LCD screen and easy-to-clean touch buttons, and automatically displays the last used program of the currently installed rotor;

7. Motor-driven door automatic lock makes operation safer;

8. Unique body height design, so it is very comfortable to operate;

9. Microcomputer control stores 34 programmable programs; various set parameters can be changed during operation;

10. 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration rate to ensure the safety of the sample, optimize the engine to reduce the start-up and braking time of the centrifuge, so that the braking time of all rotors can be less than 1 minute;

11. “fasttemp” fast temperature control function to ensure that sensitive samples can be reliably cooled before and after centrifugation, even at the highest speed;

12. “Shortspin” can choose the short-term centrifugal function of speed, which can quickly complete the instantaneous centrifugation;

13. Soft function to shorten the starting and braking time;

14. “atsetrpm” fixed speed timing function, when the centrifuge reaches the set speed, the countdown starts, which improves the comparability of different centrifuges in strict accordance with the operating regulations;

15. The speed, relative centrifugal force and radius correction value can be input by the user;

16. The prompt tone at the end of centrifugation can be eliminated according to the needs of customers;

17. All rotors and accessories can be autoclaved (121°C, 20 minutes), the airtight rotor and rotor cover can be autoclaved at 140°C for 2 hours to remove Ruan virus;

18. Comply with the most stringent IEC1010-2-020 safety standards to ensure high safety of centrifugal operation, suitable for P3 laboratories;

19. Configuration requirements: one host 5804R; one angle rotor 30*1.5/2.0mL, centrifuge 20,800g, speed 14,000rpm

Application: Suitable for freezing and non-freezing centrifugation of 1.5/2ml standard tubes.

17. Ultra-fast trace nucleic acid protein analyzer

Technical Parameters:

1. Wavelength range: 198 to 1000nm

2. Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm

3. Spectral bandwidth: 5nm

4. Optical path: 0.2 or 0.5nm (automatically adapt to concentration)

5. Absorbance range: 15A to 125A (equivalent to 10mm optical path)

6. Absorbance accuracy: ±2% at 260nm

7. Absorbance accuracy:<0.005A between 0 and 1A (260nm, 0.5mm optical path)

8. Maximum detection concentration: 6,000ng/μl (dsDNA) (0.2mm optical path)

9. Detection limit: 2ng/μl (dsDNA) (0.5 path)

10. Measurement time:<6.5 seconds

11. Minimum sample volume: 0.5μl (0.2mm optical path) 1.0μl (0.5mm optical path)

12. DNA measurement mode: dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, Oligonucleotides, 260/280, 260/230, any wavelength ratio

13. Protein determination mode: BCA, Bradford, Lowry, Biuret, direct UV method

14 Light source: Xenon lamp

15. Preset programs: luminosity, concentration, multi-wavelength, spectral scanning, quantification and kinetics

16. Support the installation of 10x10mm standard colorimetric cell holder, and can use ordinary colorimetric cells at the same time

17. Optional built-in printer, real-time output of measurement results

18. Methods and results can be stored in a USB flash drive

Application: Used for the purity and quantitative analysis of ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides, directly display the results of OD260/280 and OD260/230, can perform DNA quality analysis before PCR amplification, evaluate the success of cloning and sequencing DNA amplification , Protein analysis and cell growth monitoring at 60nm wavelength.


Our Biology Department boasts a variety of technical solutions, professional scientific research teams, various advanced instruments and biological laboratories. Medicilon has broad experience in fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, in vitro biology, and structural biology.With our technical platforms such as enzyme level and cell level measurement platforms, we can enable our clients to select compounds and research their properties, action mechanism and provide bio-marker analysis, thus ensuring the effective implementation of our clients' projects and helping promote the process of drug R&D.

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