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LC-MS Method Development and Validation

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Drug discovery is the process of generating compounds and evaluating all their properties to determine the feasibility of selecting one new chemical entity (NCE) to become a safe and effective drug. Pharmaceutical companies are under ever-increasing pressure from both their business competition and the patient population to increase the rate of drug discovery.

(LC) Liquid Chromatography:

LC-MS Method, first what is LC? Chromatography is a separations method that relies on differences in partitioning behavior between a flowing mobile phase and a stationary phase to separate the components in a mixture.

A column holds the stationary phase and the mobile phase carries the sample through it.

Sample components that partition strongly into the stationary phase spend a greater amount of time in the column and are separated from components that stay predominantly in the mobile phase and pass through the column faster.

(MS) Mass Spectrometry:
Mass spectrometers use the difference in mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of ionized compounds to separate them from each other.
Compounds have distinctive fragmentation patterns that provide structural information to specifically detect compounds.

lcms services

Types of Mass Spectrometers

  • LC-MS (Single Quadrupole)

  • LC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupoles)

  • LC-Q (Ion Traps, Linear Ion Traps)

  • LC-Q-TRAPS (Quadrupole Linear Ion Traps)

  • LC-TOF-MS (Time-of-Flight)


  • Q-TOF-MS (Quadrupole Time-of-Flight)

  • FT-MS (Fourier Transform)

  • Others


LC/MS/MS Method Development & Validation

Quick turnaround time to speed up the drug development process 

Chemical Analytical Center of Medicilon provides general analysis and purification services for the clients. Our experts have rich experience and proficient skills to solve problems, which are highly appreciated by clients.

General Analytical Chemistry Services


  • LC-MS Analysis

  • HPLC Analysis (including ELSD)

  • Chiral HPLC Analysis

  • General LCMS Testing (ROI、LOD、Cl-、SO42-、mp、HM、Specific Rotation、Water Content, et al)

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