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Medicilon Affinity Purification Technology Service

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Medicilon affinity purification services mainly provide antibody affinity purification, tandem affinity purification, and antigen affinity purification. We have domestic excellent purification talents and advanced instruments and equipment to meet the needs of customers in purification.

Affinity purification technology

Affinity purification is the covalent European Union of one of the two molecules with affinity and solid examples or soluble substances, which can specifically adsorb or bind another molecule, so that the other molecule is selected from the mixture The method of sexual separation and purification is called affinity purification.

Affinity purification technology
Affinity chromatography
Affinity filtration (membrane separation)
Affinity distribution (two aqueous phase extraction)
Affinity reverse micellar extraction (reverse micelle extraction)
Affinity precipitation (precipitation)
Affinity electrophoresis (electrophoresis)

Features of affinity purification technology
After one treatment, high-purity active substances can be obtained;
The equipment requirements are not high, the operation is simple, the specificity is strong, the separation speed is fast, the separation effect is good, and the separation conditions are mild;
Affinity adsorbents are less versatile and special adsorbents;

The nature of affinity
The mechanism of affinity action, especially the mechanism of protein affinity action is unclear;
There are some concave or convex structures on the surface of the protein;
The above structure just allows some small molecules to enter into it, forming the relationship between the key and the lock in the conformation;
Affinity depends not only on structural similarity, but also on the interaction of multiple forces;

Tandem affinity purification is a new technology that can quickly study protein interactions in vivo. After two steps of specific affinity purification, proteins that actually interact with the target protein under physiological conditions can be quickly obtained. The TAP method was originally used in yeast. Because of its versatility, high efficiency, high purity and low false positive characteristics, it has been rapidly developed, and has been successfully applied to many other organisms so far. Now we will introduce the principle of TAP method, TAP label and its application in different species. The advantage of tandem affinity purification is that, on the one hand, the affinity column is used to bind the label, and it does not directly affect the target protein. The purification process does not need to consider the nature of the target protein too much; Effectively reduce the content of miscellaneous protein and reduce the workload for subsequent protein analysis.

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The above is about affinity purification, tandem affinity purification, etc. If you need more information, please consult our staff.

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