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Medicilon Animal Studies CRO Services

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Medicilon is a company engaged in pre-clinical research outsourcing services (CRO), which specializes in providing customers with customizable pre-clinical trial service programs. Professional knowledge in pharmacodynamic research and toxicology. Provide you with high-quality data and fast turnaround to support various drug development, preclinical research and clinical research. Help you select the most valuable drug candidates into the clinical trial application stage. Medicilon’s pre-clinical research service consists of three parts: pharmacokinetics, disease transplantation animal models, and drug safety evaluation. Covers all aspects: program design, in vivo research, sample analysis, professional data analysis, IACUC review, etc., as well as application data preparation.

Medicilon has 30,000 square meters of R&D laboratories and professional equipment. It has passed the International Laboratory Animal Assessment and Accreditation (AAALAC), and has reached the GLP standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA and China Food and Drug Administration CFDA. , The pre-clinical safety evaluation complies with the European Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) GLP specifications. Animals provided include: mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, non-primates, miniature pigs, etc.

Animal Experiment Outsourcing Comprehensive Service Project

  • Pre-Clinical Research CRO Services 

  • Evaluation of compound druggability

  • Chemical drug development

  • Biopharmaceutical development

  • New drug research report

    Pharmacology Animal Studies CRO Service

    Medicilon provides a variety of effective animal models according to customer needs to test the effectiveness of drugs. Experimental animals include non-human primates, dogs, mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. At present, we have established a number of effective animal models, which have been verified by multiple parties and tested in long-term practice. At the same time, our staff’s rich experience and strong theoretical foundation can flexibly develop and establish various customized models according to customers’ customized requirements to meet customer needs.
    The main animal models include: tumor disease models, animal models of digestive system diseases, animal models of endocrine diseases, animal models of metabolic diseases, animal models of inflammation and immune diseases, animal models of nervous system diseases, etc.

    Pharmacokinetic Animal Studies CRO Service

    Medicilon’s preclinical research department has professional knowledge in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic research, and provides high-quality data and fast turnaround to support various drug development, preclinical research and clinical research. Medicilon’s pre-clinical research services cover all aspects: protocol design, in vivo research, sample analysis, professional data analysis, IACUC review, and application data preparation.
    Fast experiment start, flexible experiment design will help you make faster decisions and reduce your research expenditure!

    Pharmacokinetics in Vitro Research Service

    Determination of plasma protein binding rate

    Plasma stability test

    Microsomal metabolism test

    CYP450 inhibition test

    CYP450 induction experiment

    Speculation of metabolites, confirmation of metabolites, speculation of metabolic pathways, confirmation of metabolic pathways

    Transmembrane transport experiment

    Drug-drug interaction

    Pharmacokinetics in vivo research service project
    Plasma kinetic studies

    Organizational Distribution Research

    Excretion research

    Drug Safety Evaluation CRO

    Medicilon has a professional team and practical experience in drug safety evaluation, and can provide high-quality data and fast turnaround to support various drug safety evaluation studies. Toxicology studies can be performed in accordance with non-GLP or GLP standards. Our research platform has been rated as a public service platform for Shanghai R&D.

    Drug Safety Evaluation Experiment Outsourcing Service Project

    • Single dose toxicity test (rodent and non-rodent)

    • Repeated administration toxicity test (rodent and non-rodent)

    • Safety pharmacology test: central nervous system research, cardiovascular system (telemetry and non-telemetry technology for dogs and monkeys), respiratory system

      • Genetic toxicity test

      • Reproductive toxicity test [fertility and early embryo development toxicity test (reproductive stage I), embryo-fetal development toxicity test (reproductive stage II)]

      • Toxicokinetics

      • Local toxicity test (hemolysis, allergy, irritation test)

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