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Medicilon Compound Activity Screening Service

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Medici Medicinal Chemistry Service Project

Medicilon has completed dozens of drug R&D cooperation projects with domestic and foreign customers, and has successfully found multiple preclinical drug candidates.

Medicilon Compound Activity Screening Service

Medicilon’s medicinal chemistry team can provide customers with the following services

    Feasibility assessment of new drug targets

    High-throughput screening and active compound discovery based on structural design

    Discovery of active compounds to lead compounds

    Optimization of lead compounds to determination of preclinical drug candidates

    Computer-aided drug design

    Research on structure-activity relationship

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Compound activity screening

Compound activity screening belongs to medicinal chemistry research. The purity of the activity of compounds synthesized by Medicilon is generally at least 95% in the purity of the initial screening activity. For later stages, animal testing or repeated preliminary screening experiments are required. The purity of the compound activity test can reach more than 98.

Common detection methods: microplate reader, measuring OD value, making growth curve

Drug screening refers to the process of evaluating the biological activity, pharmacological effect and medicinal value of substances (sampling) that may be used as drugs using appropriate methods.

Broadly defined: It is aimed at specific requirements and purposes through appropriate methods and technologies. At present, the main technologies are genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, computational biology, biochip technology, microfluidic chip technology, etc. Within a certain selectable range, the process of drug optimization is carried out. Therefore, drug screening includes prescription screening during the research of new drugs, and selection of drugs that meet the requirements according to specific purposes.

Narrow sense: Screening refers specifically to the use of experimental techniques.

Drug screening is a step of testing and obtaining compounds with specific physiological activities in the modern drug development process. It refers to the process of selecting compounds with higher activity for a specific target from a large number of compounds or new compounds through standardized experimental methods. The process of drug screening is essentially the process of conducting pharmacological activity experiments on compounds. With the development of drug development technology, the physiological activity experiments on new compounds have gradually changed from early verification experiments to screening experiments, so-called Drug screening. As a drug screening, the physiological activity of different compounds needs to be compared horizontally. Therefore, the experimental protocol for drug screening needs to have the characteristics of standardization and quantification. With the development of combinatorial chemistry and computational chemistry, people have the ability to synthesize and separate multiple compounds on a large scale in a short period of time. Therefore, drug screening has gradually become one of the main ways to discover lead compounds in the modern new drug development process.

Drug screening will be based on self-built or imported drug screening models to develop and improve drug screening systems that use high-throughput screening models at the molecular and cellular levels as initial screening methods and tissue, organ, and overall animal level screening models for rescreening , To provide services and technical platforms for compound biological activity determination for universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

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