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Medicilon is selected for 2019 Influential Science and Technology Startup Company

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On December 18, 2019, Medicilon, with the outstanding innovation ability, was honored with one of the “Influential Science and Technology Startup Company” issued by Zhangjiang Science and Technology Investment during the 2019 Zhangjiang Science and Technology Investment Annual Exchange Conference with the theme “π Infinite · Creation of the Future”.  It is understood that the list aims to select the innovation leaders of companies in Zhangjiang through professional data and analysis.  The award is the recognition of Medicilon’s continuous innovation and development.

As one of the best high-tech parks in China, Zhangjiang is focusing on cutting-edge technology and reaching out to the world for innovation. Zhangjiang is becoming the world’s science and technology innovation center.  As a growing biomedical company in Zhangjiang, Medicilon is committed to provide a full range of preclinical research services to global pharmaceutical communities.  In the process of promoting new drug research, Medicilon has used the technology and R&D platforms to support biomedical companies to achieve economic and social benefits.

On the path of the Medicilon’s innovation and development, the abundant technical talents, the continuous improvement of the industrial ecological chain and the support for the field of pharmaceutical industry of Zhangjiang have always been the backing of Medicilon’s ability to maintain innovation and development.  In the future, Medicilon will continue to be at the forefront of science and technology, to empower the life science industry, to embark on a new journey of new drug R&D and to contribute the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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