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Medicilon Tumor Modeling Service

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Animal tumor models are an important scientific research project to study human tumors. Medicilon provides various effective animal models according to customer needs to test the effectiveness of drugs. Experimental animals include non-human primates, dogs, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and nude mice. At present, we have established a number of effective animal tumor models, and have passed multiple verifications and long-term practical tests. At the same time, our staff’s rich experience and strong theoretical foundation can flexibly develop and build various customized tumor models according to customer’s customization requirements to meet customer needs.

Mouse tumor model

Medicilon Tumor Model Service Details:
Tumor model experiment principle
Animal models are animal disease materials with simulated performance of human diseases established in the process of biomedical research. This method is an important way to promote the development of biomedicine, regardless of the occurrence and development of diseases. Have played a vital role. Among them, the tumor model is one of the most commonly used animal models in the field of biomedicine, which includes subcutaneous models, ascites models and in-situ models.

 Medicilon Tumor Model Service

  1. It takes at least half a century to study human life, and some animals (rats, rabbits, chickens) etc. are enough for at most ten years.

  2. It is difficult to obtain information on the entire process of tumor development using analysis of patient tissue biopsy and autopsy, but it is easy to obtain through animals.

  3. All experimental procedures and interference plans that cannot be carried out in the human body can be realized through animal tumor models.
    Application of tumor model technology
    Using animal tumor models, researchers can study the occurrence and development of tumors at the cellular and molecular levels, which are important for understanding the pathogenesis and metastasis mechanism of tumors. Therefore, tumor models can be used as the experimental basis for experimental hypotheses and clinical hypotheses. It can provide unique conditions for the etiology, development process and treatment of malignant tumors.

Experiment Process
Tumor models can be divided into genetically modified mouse tumor models, spontaneous and induced mouse tumor models and transplanted mouse tumor models according to different established methods and research purposes. Tumor model.

Medicilon has established a large number of tumor models, including:
  ※ Many cases of heterogeneous tumor models established by human tumor cell lines
  ※Multiple cases of murine homologous tumor model

※Multiple patients with primary tumor model

The experimental research areas we provide include:
   ☆Research on the maximum tolerated dose
   ☆Research on the relationship between dose and efficacy

☆Combined treatment of experimental new drugs and clinically positive drugs

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