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Metabolomic Analysis Company

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Metabolomics is the study of the small-molecule metabolite profiles.  The metabolome represents the collection of all metabolites in a biological cell, tissue, organ, or organism.  This technique is similar to mRNA and proteomic analyses, but investigates all compounds present instead of a single class.  Proteomic analysis shows what proteins are present, but cannot show which are active or the degree of activity.  Analysis of mRNA presence shows what sequences are being copied, but cannot show if or how many proteins are being made and what they are doing in the cell.  Metabolomics can be used to analyze the presence and quantity of small molecules under different conditions to study a biological system’s response to environmental conditions.  If the genome specifies the transcriptome, which specifies the proteome, which specifies the metabolome, then the metabolome specifies the phenotype.

Metabolomic Analysis

Analyses used to assay the metabolome include HPLC/MS, GC/MS, ICP-MS, Infusion, CEMS, MALDI, and FTIR among others.  Each of these techniques specializes in the compounds that can detect and cannot detect all compounds in a single run.  For example, different columns must be used to assay polar and non-polar compounds in GC/MS.  Since metabolomics is interested in assaying all present compounds, multiple analysis techniques must be used.  Cost and amount of time required can get out of control quickly.  Metabolomics can be done on a solution of compounds, but it can also be assayed in two dimensions.  Liver and brain slices have been assayed to determine compound concentration and presence in specific areas of the organ.

Medicilon is your partner in metabolomics analysis by providing comprehensive tools including sample preparation, instrumentation and software programs to process and analyze your samples to gain insight into the biological system that you are studying.

We offer quantitative analysis of extended lists of biological compounds, and untargeted biomarker discovery.  See details below.

Services Offered:

  • Quantification of targeted small molecules, both metabolites and drugs.

  • Isotopomer determination of stable isotopically labeled metabolites for kinetic flux analysis.

  • Kinetic flux analysis.

  • Untargeted metabolomics measurements.

Metabolomics Analysis Platform

  • Absolute quantification (targeted metabolomics) of >300 compounds including amino acids, organic acids, acylcarnitines, acylglycines, purines/pyrimides, acylcholines, and other classes are analyzed by triple quarupole LC-MS/MS.

  • Discovery/untargeted metabolomics platform: Three runs on 2 different columns (multiple ionization modes) are performed using a high resolution/high mass accuracy Q-TOF mass spectrometer (AB SCIEX 5600), for comprehensive analysis of various polar, non-polar, and hydrophobic compound classes.

Metabolomics involves the analysis of the low molecular weight complement of cells, tissues, or biological fluids.

Metabolomics makes it feasible to uniquely profile (metabotyping) the biochemistry of an individual or system apart from or in addition to the genome. While it is true that specific genes can be identified that define individuals at risk for a disease, dysfunction, disorder, or response to treatment, many diseases or responses can occur at the level of the proteome. Proteins and metabolites can inform us about the state of a disease, dysfunction, or disorder at any given time.

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Tips : Above is part of metabolomic analysis and metabolomics company. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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