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Molecular Biology Advances the Entire Medical Science to the Molecular Level

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Classical biology can only describe and summarize certain laws of life activity from changes in biological phenotypes. The so-called genes are only abstract concepts, and the molecular basis of phenotypes is not identified. The same is true of previous medical research. Only molecular biology research has led to the rise of medical science to the level of genes, molecular level, which appeared in the so-called molecular microbiology, molecular immunology, molecular physiology, molecular pathology, molecular pharmacology, molecular cardiology, molecular neurology, molecular endocrinology, and so on new areas. Not only theoretical research is so, in clinical practice, genetic diagnosis and gene therapy, also referred to the agenda up, some diagnostic methods are being implemented, and some are actively exploring.

Cancer research is about to make a major breakthrough. The discovery of oncogene is a significant achievement in molecular biology research. In the past, the situation of cancer etiology is improving. By various internal and external factors lead to oncogene activation or abnormal expression is likely to be the root cause of cancer. Carcinogen gene is one of the normal genetic components; what is its physiological function? How is it regulated? What is the mechanism of abnormal expression and activation? What is the relationship between oncogene products and growth factors? Is there a negative regulator of cancer and growth and so on?

These problems are the hotspots of current research and are progressing with each passing day. Take AIDS for example, which is historically related to molecular immunology and molecular virology. Category, the molecular mechanism of its disease is being gradually explained in depth. If the molecular biology research results and social preventive measures can be well combined, the epidemic of the disease will be quickly stopped.

Molecular Biology

    This research can also apply in CRO industry. Medicilon researchers established a well-developed multiple protein expression systems and purification services platform, which offers the expression and purification services of a variety of recombinant proteins, with a fast turn-around time and competitive pricing.

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