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New drug toxicity testing service (European GLP/GCP standard)

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The well-known European Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (Institut Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin, ITEM) is one of the most famous toxicology research institutions in Europe, and enjoys a world reputation especially in the research of respiratory toxicology. ITEM looks forward to cooperating with Chinese drug research and development institutions (pharmaceutical companies) in the safety testing (toxicological research) of new drugs (including Chinese herbal medicine).

Molecular level research (European GLP standard)

Molecular toxicology research methods can help drug R&D units (pharmaceutical companies) detect the toxic side effects of active ingredients in the early stages of drug development:
Metabolism research and molecular toxicology research
Research on the regulation of the corresponding drug (toxic substance) invertase
Drug testing in original and genetically modified cell lines
Gene expression testing based on microarray technology
Research on the molecular mechanism of poisoning (transformed toxin) caused by metabolism
Molecular drug research

In vitro test (European GLP standard)

In vitro cell experiments are an important part of drug toxicology research, and it also serves as a partial replacement for animal experiments:
Cytotoxicity test
Perform drug testing in original and genetically modified cell lines
Drug metabolism research
In vitro cell and tissue drug testing (human origin, animal origin)

New drug toxicity testing service (European GLP/GCP standard)
New drug toxicity testing service (European GLP/GCP standard)

In vivo testing (European GLP standard)

ITEM has the most advanced animal toxicology laboratory in Europe, and can undertake animal testing for pharmaceutical companies through various established animal models:
Pharmaceutical toxicology and pharmacokinetics studies (rodents and non-rodents)
Research on the absorption, distribution, transformation and excretion of drugs in tissues (organs)
Sub-long-term and long-term drug toxicity studies
Drug carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, and mutagenicity test
Animal models of asthma and allergic disease drugs
Animal (inflammation and infection) model for drug efficacy testing

Clinical trials (European GCP standards)

ITEM provides Phase I to Phase IV clinical trial services for drugs with indications for allergic diseases, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). In this field, ITEM has world-class research advantages, long-term practical experience and the most advanced toxic gas (airborne particulate) exposure laboratory.

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