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Introducing of Plasmid Sequencing

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Plasmids are cloning vectors that are widely used in molecular biology and they play important roles in the laboratory. Plasmids are the small and circular pieces of DNA that replicate independently of the host chromosome. The first plasmids used in the lab were derivatives of naturally-occurring plasmids found in bacteria. Since their discovery, molecular biologists have added many features to plasmids to suit a variety of applications. In this lab, each team will isolate three plasmids from bacterial strains.

plasmid sequencing plasmid prep service

Originally identified in bacteria, plasmids have also been found in yeasts and other fungi. Most bacterial plasmids are circular, although some are linear, and they require at least an origin of replication to be maintained in the cell.

We offers complete solutions for your plasmids from isolation of plasmid DNA to upscale yield of plasmid to your desired amount for your research. We bring you a cost effective and fast way of amplifying plasmids based on your specifications.

For low copy plasmid, the Miniprep service will yield half of our stipulated guarantee. As such, we recommend Midiprep or Maxiprep Service for low copy plasmids.

Service Features

  •    Complete Characterization of Unknown Plasmids

  •    Complete Validation of Known Plasmids

  •    No Reference Sequence Required

  •    Independent of Sequencing Primers

  •    Cost-Effective High-Throughput Sequencing

  •    Multiplexing Capability

  •    Fast Turnaround Time

Our Complete Plasmid Sequencing approach is also feasible for full-length sequencing of PCR amplicons, DNA fragments and viral genomes.

Plasmid Prep:

This service utilizes a magnetic bead technology for high-throughput purification to plasmid DNA from E.Coli. It works for both high and low copy plasmid.

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